Seven top beauty hacks for you!

I’m always on the look out for any different beauty methods, and ways to make my beauty routine easier for those lazy days or rushed mistakes. That said I have compiled a list of seven of my top beauty hacks.
1) Cotton buds! – Essential for any beauty lover; they are perfect for keeping your makeup neat. Any mascara smudges? These are you best friends. Smaller enough to not disturb the rest of your makeup, but large enough to fix any mistakes.
2) Mixing your foundations – Have you ever purchased a foundation slightly too dark for you or is your tanned self shade? I know I have, but all you need to do is purchase a foundation lighter than your regular skintone and Bob’s your uncle! And the best part of this little hack is; that it doesn’t have to be the same brand so one lighter foundation will work for several.

3) Always apply your concealer in a V shape – This is something I heard a long time ago and thought nothing of it, believing it couldn’t make a difference. Now however, there is no other way I would apply my concealer. It really works at brightening those circles allowing you to fake those late nights and early mornings with ease.

4) Dip your painted nails in cold water – Ever get annoyed with waiting for you nails to dry? Well now you won’t with this beauty hack. Simply dip them in some near ice cold water straight after painting, and this will help the paint to solidify much quicker. No more waiting around worried your nails might smudge!

5) Contour a backwards three – So, bronzing and trying to fake those cheek bones can be a tricky one, well not anymore. Simply draw a backwards three on either side of your face from the top of your forehead to under your cheekbones to towards the bottom of your face then blend! I find this method always leaves my face perfectly sculpted.

6) Fake your cupids bow with lip liner – Now this is one of my favourites and newly discovered beauty hacks. All you need to do is use a lip liner which matches your lipstick and do a small cross where your cupids bow is and then use your lipstick on top. This helps provide your lips with the definition and shape to create a perfectly defined cupids bow.

7) Draw your eyeliner cat flicks – Do you struggle to get the perfect eyeliner cat flicks? If you draw an outline first then fill it in you will end up with those perfect cat flicks and you won’t struggle at all. You can even draw where you want the line to be across the lids for an even more perfected eyeliner cat flick.

So there you have it, my top seven beauty hacks for you! Have you tried any of these tricks or have your own favourite beauty hacks? Let me know in the comments below.
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