5 things I’ve learnt since moving out.

I’ve lived away from home before, whilst I was at university, but having moved back home for a year, and moving back out about six months ago now there’s a lot of things I have learnt, and I thought I would share five key points I have learnt since moving out.
1) Council tax sucks – I always knew I had to pay council tax which is all fine and that, but the Council are useless. I deliberately went down to my local council office and set up a direct debit on a monthly basis before I even moved in, but they still managed to muck that up resulting in me paying double each month than what I had planned. Oh, and I rather enjoyed not having to pay this when I was a student haha.
2) Mum’s really do do too much washing – Moving back home after university I had the privilege of my mum doing most of my washing for me for the last year. I didn’t mind doing it but she always used to beat me to it… So of course I somehow completely forgot how often washing needs to be done. It really makes you think how much they must do for you when you’re growing up.
3) Washing up being done for you by a dishwasher is a luxury – Neither me or my boyfriend can stand washing up, I don’t know why but I find it really tedious. Back at my mum’s we had a dishwasher so it was only the odd thing I had to really wash up every now and then. Now I have no dishwasher so have to wash up every day unfortunately. Luckily we do take it in turns, but still I definitely miss having a dishwasher.
4) Budgeting is key – I worked pretty much full time before, if not longer hours and used to pay my mum rent but moving out there’s a lot more to pay than you realise. I have rent to pay, council tax, bills and internet to pay, a car to run and of course money for going out. We love eating out so could happily eat out two or three times a week but thats perhaps not the best way to go about things. It’s nice to have luxurys and a life beyond things you have to pay for but at the end of the day bills have to be paid sadly.
5) The best thing after working all day is coming home to your loved one  – This may sound all soppy but this is my favourite thing in the world. Prior to moving in together me and my boyfriend lived about 45 minutes apart so only got to see each other on my days off from work. We could never pop round in the evenings or after work without planning it. Now I get to come home every day to him, what better way to start your evening than seeing your loved one.
 So there you go, five key things I have learnt since moving out. My next plan is to start saving to be able to afford a mortgage and buy our own house. I can’t wait to have a place I can decorate from top to bottom.

Have you moved out? Is there anything you learnt when doing so? Let me know in the comments below.