Slight name change/buying my own domain.

After a long debate about buying my orignal blog name domain and changing my blog name I decided to go for it. Ah, I’m so excited. I wanted to change my blog name alongside my domain purchase. I decided to do this as I felt It’s a blondiie thing! was long-winded and complicated. I wanted a name that was far easier for you guys to remember, whilst also being catchy.
I went for The Violet Blonde in the end; violet because purple has always been a favourite colour of mine, and blonde because I have blonde hair and everyone always says I am ‘blonde’.
My new logo is below:

I am just waiting for the team from Bloglovin’ to change my URL for me, but other than that everything will stay the same. All posts from my previous URL “” will be forwarded to my new URL:
Let me know what you think in the comments below; I hope you’re all having a good evening :).
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