The Mascara Edit.

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Over the last 6-9 months or so I have built up quite the mascara collection – seven in total to be precise! I thought today I would share with you mini reviews, my favourites and whether I would repurchase. I’ll give you a quick sneak peak; 6/7 mascaras are all ones I have been impressed by.
l'oreal clinique a la carte
The first mascara in my collection is the L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara. I love this mascara and it is one of the best mascaras I’ve ever found. It creates volumised, lengthy lashes completely clump-free! This is probably down to the enlarging collagen contained in the mascara’s formula. This is definitely a mascara I want to repurchase.

Next is another L’Oreal mascara, this time the famous L’Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara, another favourite of mine. Yes, I do love my L’Oreal mascaras. I’d describe the result of this mascara as relatively similar to the Miss Manga with less volume. It helps create a false lash effect with really long lashes, again clump-free. What I love about this one is the brush – it’s like a comb, so you can easily brush through your lashes without missing a single one. Another mascara I would definitely repurchase.

The third mascara is the a la Carte Divine Lash Mascara. This is a mascara I actually received in a beauty box having never heard of the brand before, but I am so glad I discovered this mascara. It can create either natural or dramatic lashes depending on whether you apply more than one coat. And guess what, this one doesn’t clump either. If this mascara was more readily available I would also happily repurchase this one.

Next up is the Clinique High Impact Mascara. Another mascara aimed at creating volume but one I’d say creates a softer look on the lashes. This mascara is one of my favourites for every-day wear. It can be layered to create a stronger look but sometimes clumps so I tend to steer away from doing this. I would quite like to repurchase the full size of this mascara to test it further.

bourjois benefit the body shop
Ah the next mascara is an interesting one, one everyone seems to love but one I’m personally not so sure on. The Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara is a mascara which has a spherical wand that’s meant to lash every coat in a 360 degree turn. I do agree it does this but it’s just one that I’ve never been impressed by the results. I don’t find it creates mass amount of volume, more of an every-day look and also find it clumps relatively easy. Unfortunately this is the mascara I wouldn’t repurchase. 

The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara is another mascara aimed at creating volume – I do love having voluminous lashes if you haven’t guessed. I find this mascara adds length and volume in one easy stroke, and never clumps. A basic but awesome mascara that does exactly what it says on the tin. I would repurchase this mascara.

The last mascara in this mascara edit is the newly released Benefit Roller Lash. I’m not one to be particularly fussed by Benefit but this is one mascara I can’t seem to put down. I love the way it separates my lashes and creates volume. It also seems to create an amazing curl in my lashes, not something I’ve ever come across before. This is definitely an awesome creation from Benefit in my opinion, and if you haven’t guessed yes of course I want to repurchase the full size one.

And that’s the end of my mascara edit, I think my all-time favourites would have to be between the Benefit Roller Lash and the L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara.

What are your favourite mascaras? Is there any you think I should give a go? Let me know in the comments below.