11 thoughts someone whose worked in retail can instantly relate to.

11 retail problems

1. It’s 1 minute until closing, a customer walks in and not only are they stopping you from going home but they also have no idea what they want, instant first thought: “WHY AN EARTH ARE YOU COMING IN? I’m not serving you, I want to go home.”

2. A customer starts asking you for advice on a technical problem but the products is filthy with dirt and god knows what else: “how are you even using the device in this state, please go shower!”

3. A customer comes in quoting that customer service have told them we’ll fix their problem: “I highly doubt it, more like they wanted you off the phone and now you’re going to have to call back up.”

4. Customer: It’s a beautiful day outside isn’t it?! Me: I know, I have to work so please quietly shut up.

5. A customer comments on your lunch break while your shop is crazy busy full of customers. “I haven’t even had a lunch break!”

6. Those customers that come in stinking of BO: “Can you really not tell that you really really need a shower? Can I push you in a fountain?”

7. You’re rota’ed to work 9-530… as if, more like working an extra hour a day, valuable sleep and chill time.

8. A customer comes in to buy say a phone or a fridge but has no idea what they want and expects you to go through every single product in detail: “Really? Okay get ready to set up camp for the night.”

9. …Or a customer comes in and knows exactly what they want and want with it: “(fist punch the air) woo hoo you’re amazing and made my job easy.”

10. I saw this item priced …… at a completely different shop, are you going to match it: (you have no power to change it) “ermm no why are you here if you don’t like our prices.”

11. Customer comes in moaning and bitching about everything and anything ending up with I’m never coming in again, I will be leaving your service: “good, I’ll happily not serve you again pretending to be polite.”

Have you worked in retail? Can you relate to these thoughts?