I braved the hairdressers.

After not going to the hairdressers for over three years in an attempt to grow my hair my hair was in need of a good cut, but I was scared. Every time I used to go to the hairdressers I would say how much hair I wanted to get cut off but they would always seem to cut off double what I said leaving one not very happy Kristy.

I had managed to successfully grow my hair but even after looking after it it was definitely in need of a good cut. I have very fine hair and lots of it so it needed to be thinned out again. I decided I would get rid of any split ends and brave a slightly shorter healthier cut. I got it shaped and layered as well; the result is the photo on the right hand-side.

I am so glad I did it but it’s definitely going to take a while to get used to, and style. But what I will say is I won’t be leaving it so long again! The hairdressers I went to were fantastic and I’m really happy with the result.

So, the next time you’re avoiding a hair cut or a different style maybe just go for it and remember that hair can always grow back.

Does going to the hairdressers scare you in case they take too much off? Let me know in the comments below.