It’s time to get your sunnies out! | Cat eye sunglasses.

cat eye sunglasses
boots cat eye sunglasses
cat eye sunglasses

Do any of you struggle with finding the perfect sunglasses to suit your face shape? If you do you are not alone.

I find many sunglasses seem to drown my apparently small face leaving me with little choice. I’ve wanted a pair of cat eye shaped glasses since last year but struggled to find the perfect pair, well that was until I found the above perfect pair.

A pair of cat eye styled glasses complete with the leopard print. I love how the leopard print softens the overall look of the glasses – and believe this would work amazingly for any of you who have pale skin like me.

I also really really like the detailing along the edge of the glasses. It’s very subtle but adds something different to the design.

These cat eye sunglasses cost me a mere £15 from Boots, a place I wasn’t expecting to find my perfect sunglasses. What’s your favourite style of sunglasses?