Project Spending Ban | Makeup.

You may have noticed until the last week or so I haven’t really been posting about many hauls. You see I have so many beauty products, especially makeup, I decided it was time to use them up first, and only purchase if I have no alternative. I did go on a little haul after payday in February but in general I have used up a fair bit of products since last November. Today I’m going to share these bits with you.

 bourjois laura mericer primer
First up is the Bourjois Luminous Serum Primer, a primer very good at smoothing out your skin alongside creating a dewy effect. I love the effect this primer has on my makeup, creating a long-lasting dewy result, but towards the end of the bottle I found my makeup wasn’t really lasting using this primer. I’m not sure why it suddenly changed, but I do know it did, and because of this I’m not sure it is a primer I would purchase again.

I have also recently used up the Laura Mercier foundation primer, my favourite primer to date. I love how this primer does not feel siliconey, and more like a moisturiser. It completely smooths my skin out and ensures my makeup lasts all day. I definitely want to repurchase this and I am missing it at the moment but I am currently testing out the Smashbox water based primer.

bourjois revlon loreal foundation
Leading on from primers I have also managed to use up three foundations (or two)… success!

The first product is the Bourjois 123 perfect CC cream, yes the product I can’t seem to stop myself talking about. In short it is a light feeling base that completely smooths out, covers redness and perfects the skin. If you want to read more I have written a full review. I love this product and if you read my blog regularly then you’ll know I’ve already repurchased a new tube.

Another drugstore love of mine over the last year has been the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation. This is a light covering foundation that simply does its job. It covers small imperfections letting your natural skin shine through, and lasts really well on the skin. This is definitely a foundation I would repurchase.

The last foundation is one that nearly everyone in the blogger world loves, well except me, the L’Oreal True Match foundation. I haven’t actually finished this foundation, hence the or two, but it’s spent enough time sitting in my drawer, me trying to love it and failing that I had to get rid of it. The foundation does provide a beautiful finish, but I found this literally lasted 5 minutes, if that :(. I would finish getting ready and it would already have started sliding off my face. Sadly I wouldn’t repurchase this foundation, and it has made me slightly scared to try some of L’Oreals other offerings in this department.

best mascaras
I have also finished up four mascaras, yes four! I’ll keep this section short as I mentioned all of them in my recent mascara edit.

The first mascara is the L’Oreal False Lash Telecscopic mascara, an amazing mascara for lengthening those lashes without clumping. The wand is a small combed brush perfect for catching every lash. I have also used up my La Carte Divine Lash, a mascara that’s amazing for adding extra volume and not clumping at all. The only thing it doesn’t add is much length. Thirdly is the Clinique High Impact Mascara – an awesome mascara for creating volume but with a softer look. The only problem I found was layering sometimes meant the mascara clumps. The last mascara I’ve used up is my favourite of the bunch, the L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara – a mascara that seems to do everything and anything. It adds volume, lengthens lashes and keeps them clump-free!

I would repurchase all of these mascaras.

soap glory rimmel makeup
I’ve also used up a couple of concealers in my aim to start using up some of my beauty products. The first is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. This is a concealer that easily covers up my dark circles whilst brightening them too. I find the formula relatively long-lasting as well, when paired with a primer. I’d definitely repurchase this concealer.

The Soap & Glory Kick-Ass Blur and Brighten concealer is another favourite of mine I’ve used up, and I have actually nearly finished another one. It’s a twist-up stick formula that is really creamy and easy to use. It lasts and provides great coverage, another product I would repurchase.

The last makeup beauty product I’ve used up is the Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot powder. This powder is great at keeping away shine on the face without caking the skin. I find it lasts amazingly and would definitely repurchase.

And that’s the end of all the makeup products I have used up in aid of stopping myself buying unecessary items. I’d say my project spending ban is going pretty well, what do you think? I’ll update you when I’ve used up a few more products.