Smashbox Primer Water review.

smashbox primer water review
smashbox primer

A product I was curious about since I first heard about it – I love the idea of just being able to spray a primer on and be ready to apply the rest of my makeup. This is where the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water came in.

The Smashbox Primer Water is said to “create the sheerest canvas for makeup application,” “wake up skin, leaving it vibrant and radiant for hours,” “restore moisture and hydrate for hours” and “refresh throughout the day.”

As to create the sheerest canvas for makeup application I definitely agree this product does this – my skin is smooth to the touch after application. It does take a while to sink in, more than I would like on a standard working morning, but I guess this is to be expected with it being a liquid primer.

The Smashbox Primer does instantly wake up my skin leaving it glowing and vibrant which is still noticeable after full makeup application, but it does not leave my makeup radiant for hours sadly.

It also noticeably restores moisture but I don’t believe this lasts for hours; by the end of the day my skin becomes noticeably drier particularly around my nose area. As to refreshing my face throughout the day, I believe the Smashbox Primer Water does refresh my face with ease.

So, what do I think overall? As I’m sure you can probably tell I have very mixed opinions on this product which is why it has taken me so long to review. On one hand I love it, but then it sadly lets me down where to me a primer matters the most. I found the amazing effect the Smashbox Primer Water originally leaves does not last very long, resulting in my primer fading. After only a couple of hours on every wear I have noticed signs of my makeup fading, not making much difference compared to me not wearing a primer at all.

I do love the original finish it leaves but I’m afraid this isn’t the primer for me and I’m sorry for such a negative review but believe it’s best to share my true feelings rather than rave about a product I unfortunately haven’t gotten along with.

I will continue to use the Smashbox Water Primer as a mist, and see how that goes. Have any of you tried the Smashbox Water Primer? What were your opinions?