6 things to instantly improve your mood whilst on your period.

We’ve all got to apparently have these nasty things called periods once a month, somehow cope with the pain and pretend everything’s perfect, so what do you do to help improve your mood? I have 10 things to instantly improve your mood whilst on your period for you today.

1) Get that hot water bottle at the ready – I don’t know about you but I know I suffer with horrendous pains and the only thing to solve them is a hot water bottle. Mine is also a bunny rabbit from my childhood so using this reminds me of that.

2) A hot bath full of Lush goodies – Again the hot theme, this is something that always instantly relaxes me and takes my mind off things. I also think you always seem to feel dirtier when you’re on, so surely a bath full of luxury products has got to make you feel better?

3) Exercise – And yes I’m being serious with this one. Yes it’s the last thing you may want to do, but moving around always seems to help. Plus it’s good for you and keeps you busy, see, multiple benefits.

4) Grab a bottle of wine – you know you want to, and now you’ve got the excuse so head down to the shop and make a sneaky purchase of your favourite wine… you need treating, right?

5) Play around with your make-up creating the perfect evening look and dress up to go for a nice meal out somewhere – If you feel like crap why not do the opposite of what you feel like doing and get dressed up? It’s the perfect way to change how you feel by giving yourself something to look forward to.

6) Doughnuts! Okay this one isn’t what everyone’s going to do but a sweet treat is a great way of being fat, I mean relaxing and treating yourself… If you feel bad about this just remember I ate four last week (by accident, I swear).

And that’s my 10 ways to instantly improve your mood whilst on your period, what do you do to improve your mood when you face the dreaded period?

PS why can’t we all get a text message each month confirming we’re not pregnant? I think this would be a much easier method!