Fitness Wishlist May 2015!

Fitness May 2015

Instead of doing a beauty wishlist this month I thought I’d do something slightly different. There isn’t loads of beauty items I really really want at the moment and I’ve been upping my fitness game recently so it made sense to me to share a fitness wishlist instead, but don’t worry I’ll still be sharing a beauty wishlist towards the end of the month.

1) Nike Dual Fusion TR3 Ladies Trainers £42 (worth £59.99)
I’m training to run 5k at the moment but brought a pair of cheap Primark trainers which I’m finding lack much support for my feet. I’ve always wanted a pair of Nikes and these ones have cushioned soles whilst looking amazing! I’m holding back at the moment, but when I hit 5k I think I might just treat myself.

2) Karrimoor Running Vest £4.49
I have more crop tops fitness wise than sun-tops, and the weather’s still a bit chilly out to be wearing crop tops running so I’d love to get a couple more. I really like the fitness range from Karrimoor and the blue would match the Nike trainers, how can I not want this, especially at the bargain price?

3) Apple Sport Watch £299
You might wonder why an earth I want this pricey new gadget from Apple, but oh my how pretty is it compared to other fitness watches? But besides that I also love the idea of being able to use particular apps and listen to my music without needing my phone on me – this little gadget does just that!

4) Pure Simple Sport Zone Vest £10 and Pure Simple Sport Bounce Capri Running Tights £15
This little fitness outfit was something I spotted in JD Sports sale section a while back and really loved the look of. The only reason I didn’t purchase was they didn’t have my size in the running tights. I love the unique design; it’s much brighter than a lot of fitness clothing too. I would love to add this set to my collection.

5) Nike Miler Long Sleeved Top £25
Something else I want because the weather can’t make its mind up at the moment… I often go running in the evenings and it’s still a bit chilly to be wearing just a sun-top out. A long-sleeved top would solve this issue.

6) Nike Circuit Shorts £15
Ah, this caught the corner of my eye last minute and I couldn’t not include them. It’s simply a pair of shorts with two layers, the underlayer clings to the skin whilst the outerlayer is looser. I love the multi-toned colour design.

What’s on your wishlist lately? Does it include any fitness items?