Tan Summer Shoes.

As the weather gets warmer and the sun starts shining for longer I can’t seem to stop myself from buying more summery shoes. The latest pair to my rather large collection is this gorgeous pair of tan sandals from Primark.

I already have an array of dolly shoes and sandal type shoes but somehow I didn’t seem to own a pair of open toe dolly shoes. It was near impossible to get a pair like this until the weather changed recently, and oh my I’m in love.

The tan sandals have a crotchet design (can shoes have that?) and are open at the front of the shoe. I believe the design is perfect for summer and the tan colour means they will match with pretty much everything, from a summer dress to a pair of jeans to a skirt.

And to top it all off they only cost a mere £8 in total, what a bargain? They’re also extremely comfy so will be perfect for everyday wear.

Do you have a pair of open toe shoes? Where did you get yours from?