Top 13 places I want to visit most.

Travelling is always something I’ve wanted to do so I thought I’d compile a list of 13 of the places I want to visit the most for you. It was supposed to be 10 but I couldn’t help myself.

1. Japan – Japan is a place I’ve wanted to visit for as long as I can remember. I’d love to experience the completely different culture, and it is known as one of the most expensive cities in the world. There’s so much I want to see there as well including the Tokyo Japan Temple – the first temple to be built in Asia. I’d love to visit Kyoto as well.

2. Dubai – Another one that has been on the list since forever, Dubai. Just look at that blue sea and the gorgeous beach; I think it’s the views that have got me here, and the world islands. An expensive but amazing city that just has to be ticked off the list.

3. Abu Dhabi – Ever since watching the Sex and the City movie I have wanted to visit Abu Dhabi. The area just looks amazing and rich, and is full of tall buildings and of course is home to the Grand Mosque. Being close to Dubai I’ve figured I could see these two together.

4. Split, Croatia – I can’t remember how I even heard of Split in Croatia but what I do remember is just seeing pretty pictures of waterfalls and falling in love. I’m sure a weekend here would be the most relaxing thing ever, I mean where’s my plane? The waterfalls above are from Plitvice Lakes National park.

5. Mexico – Close to the Caribbean Mexico is another that couldn’t miss the list. Not only does it look like an awesome place to visit, it has some amazing hidden away sites including the hidden beach and Chichen Itza in Yucatan. I mean how amazing does the picture I’ve chosen look?

6. America – One of my dreams has always been to travel America, I’ve already been to New York City and loved it way too much – so much I now have part of a wall dedicated to New York in our flat! I could easily live there, but there’s plenty of other places I want to see in America as well, in particular Orlando, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

7. Caribbean  Blue sea, palm trees and the place known for cocktails, what’s not to love? I love the idea of perfect blue sea, and it’s an area completely different to anywhere else, I’d love to experience anywhere in the Caribbean.

8. Thailand – Again the blue seas have me here, alongside all the little boats in Thailand. It’s a place I’ve just always wanted to explore.

9. South Africa – One of my best friends since school was South African and moved over from South Africa, hearing about her talking about living over there has always made me want to explore, and find out more about living in a country so different to ours. I also have an obsession with elephants so would love to do a safari trip whilst there too.

10. Hong Kong – A lively and extremely big but amazing looking city, definitely one that I h-a-v-e to visit. One of the things I’d really want to do is go for a meal in one of the really high restaurants though, so I’d have to be extremely brave for this one as I’m beyond scared of heights.

11. Turkey – This was one of the places we nearly went on holiday last year and since we looked at all the gorgeous pictures, and saw the turtles, it has definitely become one of the places I want to visit the most.

12. Egypt – Egyptians was the only topic in History that ever interested me back when I was in Primary school and I’ve always found interesting. Egypt is definitely a place I want to visit to discover more and see how everything relates to what I learnt. I’d also love to go on a quad bike over there.

13. Portugal – Again there’s a reason behind this one… growing up I remember my mum always talking fondly of going on regular holidays to Portugal which has always made me want to take a visit myself. Whilst searching for pictures on Pinterest I’ve also discovered this beautiful heart sea arch and have decided I want to see this too!

Yes I pretty much want to see everywhere and anywhere, travelling the world and seeing places is something I’ve always wanted to do since being little. I haven’t visited that many places yet so this has made me want to even more (I’ve been to New York, Spain, Italy, and Paris so far if you’re wondering). I hope you enjoyed reading.

What places do you want to visit the most? Do you think I’ve missed anything key out?

-All pictures were sourced from Pinterest