A look inside my dressing table.

ikea hemnes dressing table
ikea hemnes dressing table

I’ve been meaning to write this post since last November when I first purchased this dressing table but somehow it has taken me over six months to actually do so, oops.

When I moved in with my boyfriend last October the one thing I knew I really really wanted was a dressing table – you see I’ve never actually had one before. I used to just use the floor and a long mirror to get ready and have everything organised around.

I really wanted two key things from my dressing table; a large typical dressing table style mirror and some built-in storage for my ever-growing collection. In the end I went for the Hemnes dressing table from Ikea. I love everything about it, from the mirror to the glass table, to my matching stool. 

Today I thought I would share with you how I use my dressing table and organise all my makeup.

perfume collection

To start with let’s talk about what’s on top of my Hemnes dressing table. To the left I keep all of my favourite hair products – the perfect place for easy access when I’m getting ready. I also like to display my perfumes on the top of the mini drawer; this way I can swap between them depending on what I’m feeling. 

The ‘k’ jewellery box to the right of the drawer is something I made as a child and is filled with all of my earrings, whilst the Italy boot is from my holiday to Italy last year. I also randomly have my Tarte palette displayed as well.

ikea dressing table

To the right of the dressing table is where I keep all of my makeup brushes. All of my face brushes are in my Paris mug towards the back; whilst all of my eye brushes are kept in my ELF brush holder. 

I also have a second swivel mirror purely because one side does the whole magnified mirror thing which is incredibly useful when I’m doing my eyebrows and more creative eyeshadow. I’ve also got a sticky pad to the right in case I come up with any magical ideas, and my SMASHBOX primer water.

makeup collection
makeup collection

My Hemnes dressing table from Ikea also features a pull out drawer. This is split into three sections which I use for my base, eyes, and face products.

The first section is the one with all the base products. At the bottom of this little section I like to keep all of my foundations, with my concealers towards the bottom right corner and my primers towards the top of the drawer.

makeup collection

The middle section of the drawer is filled with all of my eye products if you hadn’t guessed. I tend to keep my larger palettes towards the bottom left, with any smaller ones at the top of the drawer. 

All of my eye primers are also kept at the top towards the left hand-side alongside any mini mascaras I’ve still got. Opposite to that is all of my eyeliners, whilst below next to my palettes are all my eyeshadow sticks. 

I have also popped in my only mascara at the moment at the very bottom of the drawer.

makeup collection

As to the last section this is literally filled with everything and anything face wise. I have a couple of face blusher palettes at the bottom right of the drawer but other than that it isn’t really in any particular order, except my regularly used products are towards the front.

This is the drawer where all of my blushers, powders, bronzers and highlighters are kept.

lipstick collection

And on to probably my favourite section of my dressing table… my lipstick drawer. As to be expected my lipstick drawer is full of all my lipsticks and the odd lipstick I own in a fairly disorganised mess. I do want to purchase one of those lipstick acrylic storages so I can see everything clearer but until then this keeps them tidy. I will be doing a full post on my entire lipstick collection so keep an eye out.

I haven’t photographed the last drawer as this is full of bits and bobs like my passport, empty jewellery boxes and old phone cases.

How do you organise your makeup? Is there any particular section of my makeup collection you would like to see a more detailed look at? Let me know below.