Makeup Revolution Haul.

makeup revolution haul review

It has been just over a year since Makeup Revolution launched and boy have they been been raved about. I have had a large amount of products on my wishlist for quite a while now, and after trying one of their palettes and being amazed I couldn’t resist any longer… and a haul happened.

makeup revolution hot spice palette

The first product I went for was one of their gorgeous-looking blush and contour palettes, a palette containing 6 blushers for the mere price of just £6. I went for the shade Hot Spice, containing a great range of neutral and brighter shades, as well as two marble blushers.

So far I’ve only tried a couple of the blushers but have been really impressed. The pigmentation is amazing, and just as good as any of my favourite more expensive blushers. A full review will be coming soon once I’ve tried it out a bit more.

makeup revolution fluid blusher

I have been eyeing up the Daniel Sandler Watercolour blushers ever since I saw them and then spotted these and instantly thought ‘possible dupe’ and knew I needed these fluid blushers from Makeup Revolution?

I picked up the shades Rush Me and Pink Dew.

As to the formula, it is extremely runny but seems to apply relatively easy with a stippling brush. I am finding you need quite a bit of product to get the colour to show but I do really like the dewy finish.

makeup revolution blusher

…Okay maybe I went a bit blusher mad but I wanted to try all the different styles of blusher they sell, so also picked up one of their vivid blush lacquers in heat and their blush stick in matte dream.

I loved the idea of a pump blusher, again because it’s liquid and something different. I haven’t given it a go yet but I’ll be sure to let you know what I think once I’ve tried it.

As to the blush stick I’ve wanted the NARS multiples for a while, so thought this could be an alternative and have wanted one since I first spotted them. I like easy makeup, and the idea of painting my face sounds like fun. The pigmentation of the blush stick from Makeup Revolution is again extremely impressive, but it still blends easily. So far I am definitely loving this.

makeup revolution lip lava

Another product that has been on my Makeup Revolution wish list since I first spotted them, the lip lavas. I love my lipstick and a product that lasts a long period of time even with eating and drinking sounds perfect. 

I picked up the shades Forgiven and Tremor and I have to admit I am again extremely impressed. I tried these as soon as I received my delivery. They applied with ease and lasted for a good five or so hours with no smudging. The end result isn’t sticky at all either, another win from me.

makeup revolution pigment

To end my haul I had to pick up some of their pure pigments – I keep watching YouTube tutorials involving pigments and I am in love with the finished look. I picked up the shades cautious, indirect and angelic, one neutral shade, one white-toned neutral and one pink-toned shade. I can see these being amazing for creating evening looks.

And that’s the end of my massive haul; can you believe it only cost me just over £20 in total? So far I am loving the products I received, and can’t wait to give them more of a go.

Have you picked up any Makeup Revolution products? What’s your favourite product and what do I need to pick up next?