Top 10 favourite blogging apps.

top 10 bloggings apps

Everyone has their favourite apps on their phone, and being a blogger there are several apps in relation to blogging that make my life so much easier. I thought I would share with you all what my top 10 favourite blogging applications are.

First up has to be Bloglovin – the app/website I’m sure if you are blogger or blog reader you will have heard of. Yes it has had its problems lately but it is still hands down my favourite app to read and follow blogs through. I love the simplicity and the fact you can search for blogs through categories. This is definitely an app I don’t know about you but I couldn’t live without.

Instagram is still a very new thing to me but one I should have given in to getting sooner. I love scrolling through my feed and seeing all the different pictures. As a blogger I love sharing hints about my posts and about beauty in general in my daily life, but also seeing pictures from other people’s posts. If I’ve had a really busy day and haven’t had a chance to catch up on bloglovin yet I will frequently look at a post just by spotting an eyecatching image on Instagram.

Buffer is another favourite of mine – my chosen app/website to schedule my posts. Through the app I can see any tweets I’ve scheduled and how many times they’ve been clicked on. This easily allows me to see which Tweets have worked best.

I don’t tend to use the next one very often but when I need to it is amazing – blogger. I love being able to finish a post on the go through my phone or tablet if I haven’t finished it on my laptop. The only thing it doesn’t have is many formatting options, but I tend to do this all on my laptop beforehand so this isn’t really a problem.

Google Analytics is another favourite and one I am using more and more recently; I actually prefer the app to the desktop version. I can see all my figures clearly through here from how many views I’ve had to how many people have viewed to where they have been referred from. It’s so useful, if you haven’t started using it already you should definitely give it a go.

I have a dedicated domain email address which I receive the emails through Zoho Mail. Being able to have the Zoho Mail app on my phone means I can’t miss an email – perfect as far as I am concerned. The app even has notifications so I can see how important the email is before I have even opened it.

Another favourite app of mine is the GoDaddy one. This is less of an every day one but one that allows me to easily see how long is left until I need to renew my domain, and edit anything to do with my domain without the need to visit the website; such as when I set up my domain email address and I had to change some settings.

The StumbleUpon app is my favourite app to share list posts but also to see other popular things people have shared through StumbleUpon. I will always find something that makes me laugh through this app.

The last app which isn’t actually pictured above (blame the iPhone folder only having space for nine apps) but in no way least is the Ifft app – an app I honestly don’t know how I ever lived without. Essentially you can create recipes through Ifft that means things are automatically done for you, such as when you post a post on bloglovin it will automatically post to Twitter, or when you change your photo on Twitter it will automatically change on Facebook. It is one useful app I thoroughly recommend. 

What are your favourite blogging apps? Is there anything I have missed and you think I need to add to my collection?