10 tips to help you pack less!

10 tips help you pack less

When packing for holiday I always seem to pack too much, and not only that I never even use half of the items I bring. That being said I thought I would share with you 10 tips to help you pack less.

1) Limit how much makeup you bring – do you really need half of your collection? I don’t know about you but I know when I am going on holiday I barely wear any makeup at all, just some concealer, mascara and of course I slightly define my eyebrows. I might dress my makeup up in the evening, but even that isn’t likely to be every night.

2) How many days are you going away for? Take that amount of outfits plus one more dressy one. Even that is probably too many but any more than this guide, take another look, and remember you are only likely to be wearing one outfit per day, you honestly don’t need more.

3) Limit your shoes to three pairs – a pair of flipflops, a pair of sandals and a pair of heels is more than enough shoes for a holiday.

4) Decanter, decanter, decanter – do you really need a full sized day cream that lasts you more than a month to be taking up any more space than it needs to? Decantering can help save you some space for those precious holiday souvenirs.

5) Only take a beach towel – I know it is nice to have your own towel but hotels provide you with towels daily for a reason. And it saves you space whilst helping you pack less.

6) Take minis – there the best thing to buy before a holiday and most of the time you are going to finish the product up whilst you are away so minis also mean less to pack when you are coming home.
7) Make sure you only take one handbag – again do you really need two handbags? Scrap that, you don’t need to even pack a bag, take one with your hand luggage. Even if you are taking a large hand luggage holdall you can still bring a handbag on top of that without breaking any airport regulation rules.

8) Leave your straighteners at home – this one is especially crucial if you are going on a beach holiday. You are likely to be in and out of the water all day, if you do bother to straighten your hair it is only going to get destroyed once you go back in the water.

9) Take a mini hair-dryer – I am sure you can live without your full power hair-dryer that may not even be full power where you are going. A mini one means that if the hotel doesn’t have one for any reason then you are covered without wasting suitcase space. Besides, if you don’t take a hair-dryer at all beach hair is amazing.

10) Use a smaller suitcase – it sounds obvious, but if you use a smaller suitcase then you have to pack light so you are going to be more picky and only take what’s most important. If it doesn’t make the most important list is it something you really need?

What would be your tips to help you pack less? Have any of my tips helped you?