Marc Jacobs Perfume Spring/Summer vs Autumn/Winter.

Marc Jacobs Lola perfume

Marc Jacobs Perfumes have always been a favourite of mine since I started my obsession with Lola back when I was in college and the massive flower lid caught my eye.

Last Spring I took a new venture and purchased the sister version, Oh, Lola – my now all-time favourite Spring and Summer perfume. Oh, Lola is definitely the lighter fragrance of the two with a Summery smell to the fragrance. It contains top notes of pear and effervescent raspberry followed by heart notes of peony, magnolia and cyclamen, and bottom notes of sandalwood, tonka bean and vanilla. I would describe it as a light fruity but flirty scent if that makes any sense.

The original Lola by Marc Jacobs is my favourite perfume for Autumn and Winter, and has been for about six years now since its original release. I’d describe the scent of this one as an evening smell, not that that stops me wearing it in the day. It is again a very flirty scent, but stronger and warmer than Oh, Lola. Lola contains top notes of pink peppercorn, pear and ruby grapefruit, heart notes of rose, fuchsia, peony and geranium and bottom notes of vanilla, warm tonka bean and creamy musk.

Both perfumes by Marc Jacobs last incredibly well on the skin with the scent lasting all day – I do tend to top it up if I’m going out for the evening but you can still notice the scent without touching up.

Even when I switch perfumes I always tend to go back to one of these Marc Jacobs ones and can’t see that changing any time soon; what is your favourite perfume? Do you have one that tops them all?

*Just a little note, they have actually changed the packaging of Oh, Lola to a pink theme but it is still the same formula and perfume – I just have the older packaging.