Travel Tech Wishlist.


When you go on holiday do you like to have certain pieces of technology with you?

I am going on holiday tomorrow and there have been a few tech products I have been lusting after so today I thought I would share with you a wishlist showing you some of these products. 

1) Helsinki Selfie Stick – Going on holiday a selfie stick is a perfect way to take pictures when no-one is around to take one for you, but the one thing my current selfie stick is lacking is a capture button. I love the idea of being able to take photos exactly when I am ready, rather than using a timer.

2) A Panasonic bridge camera – My old Fujifilm XF1 camera broke a while back and I have wanted a new camera ever since. I have always loved the idea of having the ability of a DSLR and have thought bridge cameras would be the perfect in-between. I love the look of the Panasonic DMC-FZ72; it has a super-wide angle and an amazing 60x zoom. It is also very well spec’ed for being priced at around £200.

3) Waterproof phone case – I’ve just bought a brand new phone and I’m so scared I am going to break it on my holiday, especially by the beach so I figured a waterproof case would be perfect for this. I also have a tendency to drop my phone 10x a day so I’m sure the extra protection will do my phone good. I don’t like how bulky it would make my phone but I am sure it is worth it for the protection, even if only for the holiday period. 

4) Cube Talk 9x tablet – This is one I don’t necessarily need for holiday but I have wanted a new tablet for a while now. I love the large retina screen and even though it isn’t made by a UK brand the reviews seem to rate it highly enough that it is worth the risk for what I want, and it also saves me paying more than triple the price.

5) Fujifilm Waterproof Single Use camera – I haven’t worked out quite why I want a waterproof camera so much but the idea of being able to take photos underwater without a worry sounds great. As it is not something I am likely to be using regularly I thought a disposable one would be the perfect starter one.

Is there any items you have at the top of your travel tech wishlist? Have you ever tried using a waterproof/underwater camera?