5 excursions I recommend you do if you visit Turkey!

turkey landscape view

Last month me and my boyfriend headed on holiday to Turkey for an 8 night, 9 day break. If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will know we were pretty active and did a fair few excursions whilst we were away. Today I thought I would share with you the five excursions I recommend you do if you on holiday to Turkey yourself.

turtle beach turkey

1) Visit Turtle Beach – Whether you are actually lucky enough to see the turtles or not Turtle Beach is one of the most gorgeous beaches I have ever been too. The sand is pure sand, soft and silky, the sea quite blue, and there is little hut umbrellas to keep you in the shade. It is in Dalyman, but many areas in Turkey do day trips there. I really wish we could have spent an entire day there exploring and relaxing.

mud bath turkey

2) Take a mud bath/thermal spa – A mud bath is always one of them things I have wanted to do – it is basically a full on mud mask for your entire body, and leaves your skin so smooth. It is the weirdest feeling stepping in that mud bath to start off with though as you sink into all the settled clay at the bottom of the mud bath. Afterwards you can rinse off and then step into a gorgeous thermal bath and just chill. It is so relaxing and definitely something I think everyone should try at least once.

all inclusive boat trip sea turkey

3) Go on an all-inclusive boat trip – There are loads of boats offering all-inclusive boat trips in Turkey all day everyday, including a Pirates of the Caribbean boat! The one we went on stopped off at three different spots in the sea with just amazing views. Each time we could jump in the bright clear blue water and take it all in and go for a swim or snorkel. I thought it was amazing. We also stopped off at this gorgeous little town with a miniature beach and all the souvenir shops you could dream of. Being all-inclusive you also could get as much food and as many drinks as you like, including alcoholic cocktails!

turkish bath turkey

4) Experience a Turkish bath – Turkey is a country well known for their Turkish baths, something I had no idea what it was but wanted to give a go myself. It was essentially a full body exfoliation followed by a bubble massage, the weirdest but most amazingly relaxing thing in the world – well until they poured cold water on us after. But it is definitely something worth trying. You can even go all out and have a full on spa treatment, for example we also went in the steam room, had an oil massage, and I had a face mask too.

turkey scuba diving

5) Scuba Diving – Imagine being able to see just pure clear blue sea water, and fishes in their natural habitat, this is what scuba diving was like for me. It’s sooo cool to be able to see everything, and what is really underwater. Nothing is bothered by you being around either which for some reason surprised me. I only made it down for one dive as I am weird with being out of my depth underwater but it hasn’t put me off and I am so glad I at least gave it a go.

What kind of excursions do you like to do on holiday? Have you ever been to Turkey?