Pretty Little Liars TAG.


I was a bit late to get on to the Pretty Little Liars bandwagon, storming through the entire series within the last couple of months or so but oh my I am so glad I did. It is one show that always has you on your toes, and leaves you wanting more. Having not done a TAG in forever today with the fAce to face being aired recently I thought it would be the perfect time to do the new Pretty Little Liars TAG.

1) Who is your favourite character?
Hanna, Aria or Caleb – it’s too difficult to pick just one.

2) Who is your least favourite character?
Definitely Paige, I have never really liked her since she was first in it. I find her character boring and just generally annoying, why did her and Emily stay together for so long?

3) Who is your favourite couple?
Probably Hanna and Caleb – I loved how they initially got together, and despite Hanna’s mums original opinion carried on seeing each other, she knew Caleb and that was that. Although I do hope Aria and Ezra get back together properly after the time jump.

4) Most memorable cheesy/stupid moment?
When Spencer and Caleb found the knife hidden under the leaves and decided they need to destroy it, but don’t think about the fact that A is always watching resulting in Caleb nearly heating to death in a hot box. 

I also thought it was pretty stupid when Spencer wore the corset which had bones in and didn’t realise immediately, surely she would have felt them when she put the corset on?

5) Favourite villain?
I think that has to be Mona. I love how her she plays both a friendly and a hateful character; she can jump between the two types of character so easily as well.

6) Which girl do you think has been hurt the most by A?
Either Spencer because of the whole making her believe Toby had died or Aria with the way her mum found out about her dad cheating.

7) Which girl’s style do you love the most?

8) Which girl do you relate to the most?
Hmm, Hanna or Aria.

9) Who is your crush on the show?
Caleb – I love his personality in the show, he comes across as someone who would never be boring to be around, plus he’s hot.

10) What was the most shocking moment for you?
I thought the moment when it was shared that Ezra knew all about the girls before he met Aria was a pretty shocking one. It was just completely unexpected and sudden, changing everything about the whole relationship between Aria and Ezra.

The fact that CeeCee was originally a boy was a shocking moment as well. CeeCee was one of the ones I thought could be A but I didn’t expect the back-story behind her reasoning at all, I never even thought of it.

11) What would you do if A was after you?
Hopefully actually tell someone and then report it to the police. However, I think that would be easier said than done considering A would probably interfere.

12) What has been your favourite episode so far?
The first episode of season 6; it had me on the edge of my seat constantly wondering what was going to happen next. The season finale of season 5 was very well made as well.

Have you been keeping up with Pretty Little Liars? Is there anything you’re hoping happens after the time jump?