I’m back! – Blogging break, Barcelona and life update.

You may have noticed things have been rather slow around here over the last couple of months. I did write a few more posts than have been published but wasn’t really happy with them and have generally been extremely busy so decided to leave it, but with any luck things will be getting back to normal from today. Kristy is back!

Now for a little update on my life;
With the mans birthday just gone the end of October we decided to book a random short little break in celebration to Barcelona. I wasn’t expecting to see so many beautiful sites, there really is so much to see over there and we were only there for two and a half days, and two nights. The hotel was a bit far out but luckily the transport was easy to use and a two minute walk away.

Barcelona plane

We spent the first day just generally exploring, and headed into the centre of Barcelona for the evening. This included eating at the poshest restaurant I have ever been to, Da Greco – we were definitely not posh enough to be eating there but hey, even the plates had the restaurant name printed on them. I had the most amazing lasagne style dish for dinner.

da Greco Barcelona

On the second day we had more of an idea of what we wanted to see, and started the day by taking the tram and metro to Les Corts to see the Barcelona Football Stadium, Camp Nou. We started the tour by getting lost and failing to follow the arrows, but soon learnt and got to see the stadium inside out, it’s so soo big.

Camp Nou Barcelona

Following this we headed down to explore Las Ramblas, a famous street surrounded by trees either side. It was definitely unique. I loved seeing all the human statues and the artists down the middle.

las ramblas barcelona

In the evening we went to the centre of Barcelona for some dinner and Sangria, and then randomly decided to explore the Gothic Quarter. I am so glad we decided to have a little look, the Cathedral was an amazing site as well as all the different architecture of the old buildings in general. We also went into a little art gallery which was pretty cool.

gothic quarter cathedral barcelona

Sadly that was our last night, but we made the most of the half day we had before our flight. We headed down to the Mirrador de Colon and caught the lift to the top to catch some amazing views. Apparently you can see about 60% of the city from the top!

mirrador de colon barcelona view

After seeing all this we headed to Espanya with the intention of eating but discovered the beautiful Palau Nacional which we had no idea even existed somehow. I think it has to be one of the prettiest sites I have ever seen, I soo want to see the light show there at some point.

palau nacional barcelona

I loved our little trip; it may have been short but it was amazing. It is definitely a place I could happily go back to many times.

Besides our little trip I also started my new job last month. I had wanted to get out of retail for a while knowing I had far too much experience, and feeling like I couldn’t get anywhere however much I could do it. I worked with an amazing set of people but wanted change, something more Monday-Friday with set times. So far I am really enjoying it, and hopefully with these more set times, at some point me and my boyfriend will finally have the same days off.
And that’s pretty much the two key things that happened in October. It was a pretty awesome month. Anyway back to the blog, I am back, and I am planning on sticking to a more regular schedule, with posts going live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to start with at about half 11 (besides this one).
I hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed my chatty post!