15 ways to get into the festive spirit.

ways festive spirit

I don’t know about you but I know I am so so excited for Christmas, and definitely in the festive spirit this year. It is the first year in about five years where I actually have a few days off over Christmas. 
Unfortunately this isn’t the case for everyone, leaving some of you feeling perhaps less festive as you are perhaps still working constantly.
On  that not I thought I would share some of my favourite ways to get into the festive spirit, 15 to be precise;
1) Make a Christmas CD for your car or a Christmas playlist for your walk to work

2) Put on a Christmas movie whilst you wrap up your presents

3) Head to a Christmas market, and have some mulled wine

4) Go for a drive in search of all your local Christmas light covered houses

5) Go ice skating

6) Head to your local coffee shop and try a limited edition coffee/latte/hot chocolate

7) Buy yourself a Christmas tree shaped cheesecake (Sainsburys totally sell this)
8) Cook your dinner listening to Christmas music at top volume

9) Pick up a book with a Christmas storyline

10) Buy wine in bulk

11) Pick up those chocolate or biscuit tins only available at Christmas

12) Festive up your car with some tinsel because

13) Go for a walk under all the Christmas lights in your local town

14) Watch the Christmas episode from your favourite TV series again

15) Put some tinsel in your pony tail like you used to when you were younger
What are your favourite things to do to get into the Christmas spirit? Let me know in the comments below, p.s. happy Christmas Eve everyone :D.