5 of my favourite bloggers for you.

I love seeing who all your favourite bloggers and YouTubers are so I thought I would share with you five of my own favourite bloggers and YouTubers.

The Only Ones – The only ones is a beauty blog written by Natalie, and was one of the first blogs I ever read. I love how she writes and the honest reviews she always writes. I also watch her YouTube quite regularly and her videos are just as good. Natalie is similar skin-toned to me so I always look to her foundation colours if I am trying to work out what shade I am in a foundation.

Beauty and the Chic – Beauty and the Chic is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog written by Claudia. I love the variety of content she always produces, and always enjoy reading her posts. I also found the memory keeping system of Project Life through her blog, and have been using it myself for the past six months. Claudia has also just had the cutest baby boy George as well who has featured in some of her posts.

Mascara and Maltesers – Mascara and Maltesers is a blog I have loved for a long time now. It is a beauty blog written by Annabel containing many reviews that are so well written. If I want to read a review of a product her blog is one of the first I will go to to see if she has written a review.

Abigail Alice – Abigail Alice is a beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger who moved to Los Angeles for a year to study abroad. I love America and given the chance I would have probably jumped to study in America when I was at university. I love reading about what she’s up to over there.

The Michalaks – The Michalaks are a family who vlog their daily lives and put up a video each week showcasing their week. I originally found their videos through Hannah Maggs’ blog, and ever since they first started making vlogs I haven’t stopped watching them. Hannah and Stef have a little boy Gracie and have been vlogging since before little Gracie was even born. The video quality they produce is amazing, and their channel is one channel I watch religiously and will never miss a vlog.