A Yankee Candle haul.

If you follow me on Instagram (thevioletblonde) then you will know last month I finally made a trip to the Yankee Candle Scentre in Southampton, and may or may not have brought a few candles. Today I thought I would share with you all what I picked up.

yankee candle scentre southampton

I’ll start off with the candle that brought me to finally visit the Yankee Candle shop, the Christmas Eve pillar candle. A candle that I burned continuously last year and knew I had to get my hands on again. It smells of pure Christmas to me, autumnal with some warmed berry fruits if that makes any sense. 

As I love the smell of rose these days I also had to pick up a small jar of the scent True Rose, a pure rose smell. I have to say this has disappointed me slightly as the scent just doesn’t spread anywhere near as far as the tarts or the pillar candles, but I would love to try it in another form.

As the tarts were 8 for £10 I of course had to pick up 8 of these for my oil burner. Having never tried the tarts before I really wasn’t expecting the scent to be as good as the pillar candle, but wow I have been surprised. The tarts scent really does spread throughout my entire house, even on the third use!

I picked up the scents Sparkling Cinnamon, Spiced Orange, Candy Cane Lane, Summer Scoop, Midnight Jasmine, Egyptian Musk and two Fireside Treats. I can’t wait to see what they all smell like whilst burning.

yankee candle southampton

Ahh, I could have picked up every item in the shop, literally, but unfortunately I don’t think my bank balance would like me very much.

Have you been to the Yankee Candle Scentre at the Swan Pool & Spa Centre by Haskins Garden Complex? What is your favourite Yankee Candle?