Feel Unique Radiant Skin Beauty Box.

feel unique radiant skin box review
feel unique radiant skin box review

The Feel Unique Radiant Skin Beauty Box wasn’t a box I was planning on purchasing, but my skin had been reacting to the sudden change in temperature, so I was on a skincare hunt and spotted this amazing deal that I just couldn’t say no to.

The product that originally caught my attention within the box was the REN Flash 1 Minute Facial, a mini skin miracle designed to brighten up your complexion quickly. I love the idea of this, and it is something that my skin would definitely enjoy. I can’t wait to see if this really does make a difference within just 1 minute.  I managed to get this whole beauty box for less then this one item alone would normally cost too!

Another product I have lusted after for a long long time is the Glamglow Youthmud mask. Glamglow as a brand always seem to be very well reviewed, but I have just never been able to justify the price. I love the fact that I can now try it first to see if it is worth the price. The Glamglow Youthmud mask is also said to brighten up your skin in an instant. It has an exfoliating element within it as well; I can’t wait to try it.

The First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads are another product I have wanted for a while after being so impressed by their eye cream. The pads are infused with AHA designed to help brighten your skin – they are also gentle enough to use daily if you wish.

The final product included in this little beauty box is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. I already own one of these and love the product. I love using it as a refresher on hot summer days or to set my makeup. It also works really well as a toner. 

I am so glad I spotted this number from Feel Unique. I love the mix of products and that it includes some products I have wanted to try for a while too. I cannot believe it is only priced at £35, it is definitely worth a look if you need some new skincare.

What do you think of the Feel Unique Radiant Skin Beauty Box? Have you tried any of the products included?