My top 5 festive nail polishes.

top nail polishes
top nail polishes

Festive nail polishes are my favourite; reds, golds, silvers and sparkle – I don’t know about you but I love it. Today I am going to share with you my top 5 nail polishes for the festive season.

The first shade of polish I had to include is a new one to me, the Essence gel polish in the shade true love, a gorgeous burgandy red shade. The formula needs shouting about too as it is amazing, but they’ll be more about that in another post shortly.

Fearne’s nail polish is an old favourite of mine, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have a shade name. It was from a Christmas set from Boots a couple of years ago. The shade itself is a gorgeous shiny dark red with tiny specks of the same shade glitter mixed in.

Next up is from Missguided, I believe I got it in a magazine at some stage. Annoyingly there is no shade name again but it is an awesome black polish with iridescent glitter specs throughout – a definite party polish!

Revlon’s glitter polish in the shade 340 stunning was another I couldn’t not include. I don’t like using this one on its own so much, but really like using it as a top coat over a basic colour. It is the perfect addition to transform your usual nail polish.

The final polish to make the cut is another glitter polish I love using as a top coat. It is the Orly lacquer in the shade hair band, a gorgeous gold glitter that works just as well as the Revlon one.

What is your favourite nail polish? What one do I need to pick up next?