New Look New Pure Perfume Range.

new look pure perfume

The other week me and the girls went shopping and we spotted these new perfumes in New Look. It isn’t the place I would usually go for for fragrances but given the price and the fact I have run out of my favourite perfumes I had to take a look. A week later I popped back to buy a few to tide me over.
There are four scents in the range; Pure Dusk, Pure Blush, Pure Devotion, and Pure Touch. The fragrances range from a deeper evening smell to an everyday smell to a floral smell.

new look pure dusk perfume

I picked up Pure Dusk as it reminded me slightly of a more expensive evening scent, but an extremely reasonable price of £7.99. The only way I can describe it is very feminine but with a warm twist, kind of like a lighter Marc Jacobs Lola. I also love the fact it is an EDP as this means the scent lingers so much longer on the skin. I can put this on at half 7 in the morning, and it will still be noticeable come 10pm. 

new look handbag perfume pure

Whilst picking up the 50ml EDP I also noticed the perfect handbag sized perfumes. I picked up a 10ml of the Pure Dusk, and also a 10ml of Pure Blush. Pure Blush is a much more floral lighter smell. It is an amazing alternative if you don’t like your perfume’s so strong.

I still can’t believe New Look now sells perfume, but the quality has beyond impressed me. The fragrances aren’t lacking fragrance in the slightest, and definitely smell and feel more expensive; they’re definitely worth taking a look at it if you go past a New Look any time soon.

Have you tried these new perfume’s from New Look? What’s your favourite perfume?