15 Beauty Favourites of 2015.

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How are we nearly a week in to 2016? It’s crazy but today I am going to share with you my 15 favourite beauty products of 2015. I honestly don’t think I could live without a single one of these products – that is how awesome they all are!

makeup favourites 2015

First up is the makeup category, and the first product I couldn’t do my 2015 beauty favourites without is the Stila Paint Me Pretty Lip & Cheek Palette – literally my most used cheek product this last year. It contains five cream colours that I love using on my cheeks. The formula lasts forever and I would recommend the Stila Convertible Colours to anyone. My favourite shade would have to be Peony (the second shade from the left).

Next up is the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, one I have raved about many times for good reason. In short it is a light moisturising base with coverage, it even covers my black circles relatively well. It is definitely one I couldn’t live without anymore.

makeup favourites 2015

Benefit’s Brow Zings has to my favourite brow product again. I switch and change but this is always the product I come back to. I love the powder, but don’t use the wax side for some reason, I never have. It is a great product for adding natural definition and lasts all day.

My biggest beauty brand discovery in 2015 has to be H&M Beauty, with the solo eyeshadow in Orange Ochre being one I couldn’t do this post without. It really is a favourite of 2015. The quality is amazing and the bright burnt orange colour is something else. It is definitely something different to what I usually where, but also one I love and always get compliments on when wearing.

A high-end mascara is something I have seen the fuss in until the Benefit Roller Lash was released earlier this year. This just really defines my lashes whilst adding volume and an actual curl to my lashes. I love it.

makeup favourites 2015

Sephora Cream Lip Stain‘s are much raved about in the bloggosphere but rightly so, they are amazing products. I have the shade 03, a gorgeous bright red shade on the pink spectrum, that lasts incredibly well on the lips – even after eating and drinking it will still look as if I’ve just applied the product.

Concealer-wise it would have to be the Soap & Glory Kick-Ass Blur and Brighten Concealer. I don’t know what it is about this one but I have been in love since I first tried it. It works perfectly under the eye, around my nose and on any blemishes. I easily went through 4 or 5 last year, which is saying something. I have written a rave review, which you can find here (I apologise for the terrible photography in advance).

A release I got so excited about and actually had to order in as everywhere sold out, is the Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour. I have fallen in love with the ease of drawing on my face, and how easily it blends, so much so I still haven’t repurchased my beloved NARS bronzer.

bodycare favourites 2015 lush

The next couple of favourites I discovered after receiving a Lush gift set at the beginning of 2015 and were definite favourite products throughout the entire year.

First up is my beloved Lush Rose Jam shower gel. I never even thought I would like the smell of rose until I tried this, but the gorgeous scent mixed with a formula that foams so easily easily makes it my favourite ever shower gel. I just wish it was around all year. To see 10 reasons why I love this product so much click here.

My Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner is another rose smelling product that I loved from the second I tried it. I love how this essentially moisturises my body before I have even got out of the bath or shower. The smell also lingers on my skin for ages after using.

skincare favourites 2015

The last category of my 15 beauty favourites for 2015 is skincare.

I tend to use the same skin care all the time and very rarely change the products as I have no reason to do so, especially with my sensitive skin, so of course The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Moisturiser had to make this category again. I just love the formula of the face moisturisers from this range from The Body Shop. They provide the perfect amount of moisture and keep my skin looking fresh.

Next up is the Soap & Glory 5 in 1 Magnetizing Micellar Water – my favourite micellar water out of all the ones I’ve tried. I love how easily it removes my makeup, and find the slight cucumber scent is really cooling on my skin. This is great for in the mornings when I am half asleep still.

The Body Shop Argan Solid Lip Oil is my favourite lip product of the year. I find it keeps my lips moisturised and clears up any chaps. It is definitely a product I couldn’t live without. It also tastes nice if I accidentally lick my lips (does anyone else do that?)

skincare favourites 2015

A very new discovery to my skincare routine is my Black Friday bargain, the Magnitone Barefaced. I had wanted this for the longest time ever but without seeing the results myself I just couldn’t justify the price tag, but wow it is so worth the cost. I love how much of a difference it makes to my face, it has helped with my redness and leaves my skin so, so soft. You can see my review here.

The last product to make my 15 beauty favourites of 2015 has to be the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, a cleanser so worth its hype. I love using this on my skin, and find it gets rid of every trace of makeup, and really cleans my skin. I also love the fact the fragrance is quite light as I personally hate using strong fragranced products on my face.

And that’s it, my 15 beauty favourites of 2015, what were you loving in 2015? Are any of the products I’ve mentioned in this post your favourites?