2016 blog goals.

As the year has drawn to a close it’s time to set myself a few blog faced goals, but firstly I want to wish you all a happy New Year.

Over the last my blog has changed a lot; it went under a complete rebrand, I purchased my own domain, and gave my blog a general overhaul. I love the more sleek, professional look but in the coming year I want to hopefully develop and further my blog even more.

About half way through the year I slowed down how often I was posting, and got less and less excited about the content I was posting. This led to a complete break a couple of months  ago.

I feel much happier with my most recent content, and the photography but more importantly I am enjoying and loving blogging again. This is the year I want to properly focus on growing it alongside great content. Below are a few goals I would love to achieve over the year.

Grow my Bloglovin followers to 1000 
Grow my Instagram followers to 500
Stick to a regular schedule of posting Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays the entire year
Actively use Twitter more
Aim to schedule at least 3 blog related Tweets a day
Join in with Twitter chats more regularly, perhaps aim for one a week
Comment on 5-10 blog posts a day

Have you set yourself any blog related goals for the coming year? Or how about general goals?