Lush The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar review.

lush magic of christmas
lush magic of christmas bath
lush magic of christmas review

This may be a bit naughty writing a review on a product you can’t get your hands on anymore, but I couldn’t not share a review of the The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar.

Bubble bars have always been my favourite product from Lush – I love the amount of bubbles they create, the fact they are multi-use products and the fact they change your bath colour water. The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar is a limited edition bubble bar that I unsurprisingly love.

It has a gorgeous wintery cinnamon scent to it that really spreads and fills up my whole flat with the smell. I love the warming smell, and find it really relaxing. 

The Magic of Christmas bubble bar turns your bath water a yellow colour, but I think my favourite thing about this bubble bar would be its slightly different design. The bubble bar itself is propped on a stick that you can twirl under the tap as it creates your bubbles. It is basically the lazy girl’s bubble bar, not that its hard to crumble the normal bubble bars under the tap but you know.

All in all, Lush have done it again, I love the Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar – I’ll definitely be purchasing a few if it comes back next Christmas.

What’s your favourite product from Lush? Have you tried this bubble bar?