Could the H&M solo eyeshadows be the best budget formula ever?

h&m solo eyeshadows review

h&m new eyeshadows review
h&m eyeshadow swatches

When H&M re-released their own branded makeup brand towards the end of last year I never expected to fall in love with a lot of the products, let alone be so impressed with the H&M solo eyeshadow formulas to believe they could be the best budget formula ever.

The H&M solo eyeshadows are said to provide a ‘silky eye colour that blends easily for a vivid, velvety finish that applies easily and stays put.’

So, what do I think? A bold claim to describe the H&M shadows but the eyeshadows do live up to this claim. The eyeshadows are silky with my eyeshadow brush gliding across with ease, and even causing barely any fallout. 

As to blending easily, they really do – they work great individually or used together to create a subtle and bold smoky eye look. The two shades I have, Orange Ochre and Papaya Ice, blend so easily together leaving no bold lines considering the vast difference in colour.

After experiencing such an amazing initial impression from the eyeshadows I really didn’t think they could live to the staying put claim, but I was wrong – these H&M solo eyeshadows last all day with ease. They don’t seem to crease on the lids or start sliding off with wear either.

All in all, I am so glad I found and tried these little gems from H&M, I really do believe they are the best budget eyeshadow formula ever, or that I have discovered so far anyway.

Have you tried the H&M solo eyeshadows? What’s your opinion?

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