Lush Christmas Sale 2016.

Lush sale 2016

Once again the Lush website went crazy with over 100,000 people in the queue at one point but being a Lush lover like myself I couldn’t resist making a few purchases and was somehow successful.

I also made a little trip into the Southampton store a few days later expecting nothing to be left but was pleasantly surprised, and failed to not buy anything else, so here goes… a rather, super large Lush haul.

Lush sale snow fairy

I picked up my favourite Lush Rose Jam shower gel in the size 500g to keep me going. I also picked up 250g of the Snow Fairy shower gel, the snow fairy body conditioner and the Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub.

Lush sale Christmas

Next up I went for a few bubble bars, the Christmas Penguin, Peeping Santa and the Snowie were the ones which made it into my basket, how cute are these ones? Peeping Santa also slightly reminds me of my other favourite bubble bar, the Rose Jam Bubbleroon, so couldn’t be resisted.

lush butterbear

Onto bath bombs is where I started to go slightly crazy, I mean how could I have said no when everything was 50% off?? I picked up two Never Mind the Ballistics, two Northern Lights and two Butterbears.

Lush sale 2016

I also picked up the Golden Wonder, Father Christmas, Mistletoe and the Autumn Leaf bath bomb.

lush yog log

Lastly I picked up the Yog Log Roulade Shower Smoothie to complete my haul. I have wanted to try one of their shower smoothies since forever and have just never picked one up, so I can’t wait to give this one a go.

See, I told you I went mad…

Did you pick up anything in the Lush sale? Have you picked up their new Valentines bits yet?