Oval makeup brushes – are they worth the hype?

Makeup Revolution oval brushes

A little while ago I decided to make a little purchase into the world of oval makeup brushes. Ever since the Artis Oval makeup brushes made their way into the blogging world I wanted to know more.

I’m not sure what it is about them, I mean they remind me of an old-fashioned vanity hairbrush and mirror, but I really wanted to see if they were worth the hype surrounding them. 

As I didn’t want to spend too much I picked up a couple from Makeup Revolution to give them a try. I went for the Face Precision Oval Makeup brush and the Eyeliner Precision Oval Makeup brush. 

Makeup Revolution oval brush face

So let’s start with the Face Precision Oval Makeup Brush; I have fallen in love with this brush. The brush consists of a large amount of bristles densely packed together creating a flawless finish on the skin. I use this to apply my foundation every morning and have done since purchasing towards the end of last year. 

Makeup revolution eyeliner oval brush

As to the Eyeliner Precision Oval Makeup Brush, this isn’t one I am so sure on. I get the idea, and I really like the sound of being able to apply my eyeliner in one simply swipe but I am yet to actually be able to achieve this. I find the brush quite fiddly and hard to get close to my eyelashes. 

Overall, I definitely understand the hype surrounding the facial oval brushes and have actually since purchased the Shape Precision Oval Brush by Makeup Revolution, which I use for concealer and love just as much. However, I can honestly say that unfortunately I am not so sure how much I will ever use some of the eye brushes in the collection. 

Have you ever tried the original Artis Oval Makeup brushes, or a dupe?