Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) Southampton review.

gbk southampton

Burger bars are definitely not my first choice  when it comes to restaurants, I’m not sure why, but I just don’t seem to visit them very often. However, when myself and my colleagues visited Southampton’s Gourmet Burger Kitchen  the other week their onion rings and chips looked amazing, so I had to drag the boyfriend (Luke) there to give it a try as I didn’t get anything the first time round. 

When we arrived we were shortly shown to our seats where we had  a look at the menu before deciding to head to the bar to place our order. I kept it basic with a simple beef burger, whilst Luke had a habanero burger. We also ordered some onion rings and skinny fries. For drinks we went for two from their fresh and fizzy drinks selection; a strawberry & elderflower one and a ginger & lemongrass one. 

gbk southampton review

Both meals were beyond expectations, with the buns toasted perfectly and the burgers melting inside our mouths. I have been told the habanero burger was fruity and flavourful with a tangy kick. I am not sure how to describe the chips other than the fact that they taste like chips, but they are insanely skinny. I was in shock the first time I saw them.

gbk southampton

As for the onion rings this is where I believe GBK excels themselves, with the onion rings having a nice crunch, but when bitten the whole onion part of the ring doesn’t all come out. They are definitely the best onion rings I have had in a long time.

We both really enjoyed the drinks too; they are something a little bit different to what you find in most restaurants too. 

We skipped on the desserts, but I am so glad we decided to actually give Gourmet Burger Kitchen a try. It has definitely made me think twice about not eating out at a burger restaurant. 

Have you been to GBK before? What were your thoughts?