Spectrum Marbleous 7 piece smoke set review.

Spectrum Marbleous smoke set

I always used to own a random collection of eye brushes, until last Christmas when I received the Spectrum Marbleous 7 piece smoke set, a game changing set of eye brushes. 

There are 7 brushes in the Spectrum Marbleous set, each with their own use to help you create that perfect smoky look. The brushes are super soft, but still pick up up the perfect amount of product.

The first brush in the set is the B06 Tall Tapered Blender brush, aka your standard blending brush. As the name suggests this brush is great for blending out any eye shadows you apply to your eyelid. 

The B05 Luxe Blender Brush is essentially a much larger larger version of the B06; a brush which is the perfect brush to give your eye look that final blend, ensuring no harsh lines are left behind.

Another brush in the set is the A07 Stubby Shader brush, one of my favourites from the collection. I like to use this one to pack on the eyeshadow, whether I am creating a smoky look or a more simple everyday look. 

The A12 Fluffy Pencil Brush is the one brush from the collection that I haven’t used too much yet, but looks to be the perfect shape to get that eye shadow colour in your crease.

The A13 Short Smudge Brush is a smaller version of the A07, and it is great to pack some extra colour along the edge of your eyelid, if that makes sense.

The A14 Brow Definer Brush is a brush that ever since I have owned I have never actually used it for my eyebrows, due to already having another brush I tend to use for that. I like to use the A14 to draw in an initial, rough outline for a smokey look, so I know exactly where I want my eyeshadow to go, before I fill and blend, blend, blend. 

The A15 Lip Definer Brush is is the final brush, and another one I don’t really use for what the brush name suggests it should be used for. I instead love using this to add a little eyeshadow to just under my waterline to add some extra definition. 

Overall, I am so glad these brushes are part of my brush collection, I am utterly in love. From the rose gold, grey and white colouring of the brush to the amazing quality, what’s not to love? The Marbleous 5 piece sculpt set are next on my list. 

Have you tried any Spectrum makeup brushes before? What’s your favourite Spectrum makeup brush?