My makeup storage.

ikea dressing table

Having had only one drawer for my makeup collection, whilst my makeup collection was ever expanding, I found my makeup so unorganised and annoying to access. However, the other week I finally brought the bloggers favourite, the Ikea Alex, and I am so much happier with how much more organised everything is. So, today I thought I would share you how I organise my makeup collection.

I now keep the majority of my makeup collection within the Ikea Alex; it is such a great and easy way to store everything tidily and have quick access. I have also purchased a various organisers to separate things within the drawers.

makeup storage

The first drawer is my base drawer, where I keep my foundations, concealers and primers. To separate the products I’ve used two organisers I picked up from Muji, a larger one for my foundations and another one with a divider for the concealers and primers.

beauty storage

As I couldn’t fit my setting products into the top drawer, these have ended up in the next drawer down. Alongside this is a bit of a random mix of products grouped together, but I liked the way the organisers all work together. 

I have four more Muji organisers in here, with a bathroom room containing the setting products. I then have another 3 smaller ones for eyebrow products, liquid lipsticks and other lip products.

eyeshadow storage

The third drawer is all about the eyes, if you couldn’t guess, and is one of my favourite drawers. I love all the different looks you can create with eyeshadows. This drawer has everything from eyeshadow palettes, single eyeshadows, to eyeshadows pencils and liquid eyeshadows. There is also one Muji desk organiser in here to help organise my non-palette eye products.

makeup storage

The next drawer is the blusher, bronzing/contouring and highlight drawer. I have separated the three types of products by actually using a snack tray (shh) from Sainsburys, as as soon as I saw this I thought it would work perfectly, and it only cost £2.50. I’m really glad I picked it up after putting it back several times.

I have then put my larger palettes in the side as they fit perfectly, but there are a few smaller ones that just don’t fit so are in another drawer.

So, this is the drawer where I’ve hidden the smaller products. This is one of the large drawers and pretty much has all the makeup bits I couldn’t fit in already, so includes some mascaras, lip care products and eyeliners. I  have used a Ikea drawer meant for the kitchen, and another Muji organiser here. The palettes I couldn’t fit in the last drawer are also in here.

I haven’t pictured the rest of the larger drawers as they’re really quite boring, but I have kept them mostly to non-makeup beauty products products, and electrical’s.

lipstick storage

My dressing table itself is where I like to keep my other favourite beauty items, lipsticks! I like to have easy access to them and love this acrylic stand as I can see all those in here clearly. I picked this up from eBay for £2 or £3 a while back and is definitely one worth picking up if you love lipsticks.

makeup brush storage

As to all my makeup brushes I keep these in a couple of cups I’ve picked up abroad, and a couple of Ikea flower pots. The Barcelona cup has my everyday brushes, and the rest are split randomly across the other three pots and cups. The first Ikea flowerpot is actually nearly empty!

Oh and lastly, in case you  were wondering what is now in the drawer under my dressing table, this is now where I store all my non-gel nail polishes.

How do you store your makeup and beauty products?

If you would like to see my last space how I previously organised my makeup, I wrote a post about it here.