New Spectrum brush additions.

Spectrum brushes

After loving the Spectrum Marbleous 7 piece eye set brushes I received for Christmas I have been wanting to pick up a few more brushes for a while. A few months back, around March, they had an offer with 20% off so I decided to pick up a few more brushes, and today I thought I would share what I picked up with you and my thoughts. 

The first brush I picked up has to be my absolute favourite from this haul and is the Spectrum A04 Strong Finish brush. It is a medium sized brush designed to be used for either your highlight, bronzer or powder, all for all three. I use it for my highlight and love the intensity it provides. It picks up the perfect amount of product to add that glow to the tops of my cheeks, and anywhere else I fancy. The size of the brush also means it is so easy to blend out my highlight too. 

The Spectrum A05 Precision Blush brush was the next brush I went for, another medium sized brush, but this time designed to create shaded and highlighted cheekbones. I like to use this for applying my blusher and find it works really well. It easily picks up all products I have tried it with, and similarly to the Strong Finish brush it picks up the perfect amount of product. The slanted edge and medium size makes it ever so easy to blend my blusher out, without leaving any harsh lines.

I also picked up the Spectrum B04 Angled Blender brush, an angled brush designed to contour the eyes, which is pretty much what I use it for. I love using this brush to add a second crease colour to my eye which creates a more contoured look. The shape of the brush means it is ever so easy to get in to add the finer details any eye look too, and I find I can easily get into the corners of my eye with this brush. This is also a great multi-tasker brush that blends out any eyeshadows used with ease. 

The Spectrum B06 Tall Tapered Blender brush is the next brush I picked up. This is actually the second tall tapered blender brush I now own, as I kept finding myself using this on darker shades so I thought a second brush would be useful. This is Spectrum’s most popular eye blending brush and I can see why, it blends everything with ease. My favourite use for this one is blending out any eyeshadow under my lower lash line, the narrow head of this brush makes this task so easy. 

The final brush I picked up was the Spectrum A08 Medium Fluffy Shader brush. I picked this one up as it is a flatter wider brush compared to the Tall Tapered Blender brush, which I thought would be another great blending brush. It is great for this but I haven’t actually found myself reaching for this brush anywhere near as much as I thought I would. The brush is also great for applying one shade across the lid and blending it out, but I really don’t use it enough. 

Overall I am so glad I picked up a few more brushes from Spectrum and I am really happy with my picks. I love the fact that Spectrum brushes are synthetic and that they all work incredibly well. The Spectrum Marbleous 5 Piece Sculpt Set is next on my wishlist.

Have you tried Spectrum brushes before? What is your favourite makeup brush?