The Ordinary haul and first impressions.

The Ordinary introduction

Ever since I first heard about The Ordinary I have been extremely excited, and wanting to pick a few things up. The idea behind The Ordinary is what made me intrigued. All of their products have been created as no thrill products, with the aim to bring proven skincare ingredients at affordable prices. I love this concept, and if this means I can pick up a product with a specific ingredient which works for me at a fraction of the price, how could I say no?

When I heard about the release of their foundations I immediately signed up to the waitlist and decided I would finally pick up a few products. Today I thought I would share what I picked up and my first impressions of those I have been using. I received the products roughly a month now.

The Ordinary foundations

The foundations
I will start with the products that made me place the order, The Ordinary foundations. I picked up both the Coverage foundation and the Serum foundation. I have used both foundations a handful of times so far.

The Coverage foundation is described as a high-spreadability pigment suspension system with high coverage. When you first pump the foundation out it is quite a thick but light formula, which when applying really does apply with ease. I find you need very little product to cover your entire face. I would describe the coverage as medium to full coverage with a matte but not completely matte finish. It is buildable and also lasts well too, easily lasting through an 8 hour work day. It is around this point in which I would say the foundation needs topping up.

The Serum foundation is the complete opposite in being described as a lightweight pigment suspension system with moderate coverage. This one is a lot more liquid in formula, as you would expect. It again applies with ease across the face but I do find you need a little more product. I would describe the coverage of close to medium coverage, but not quite there. I expected the finish to be really glowy but I would say it is a soft matte finish. The serum foundation lasts around the same time as the Coverage foundation too.

Both foundations really are a bargain for the price, and are better than a lot of more expensive drugstore foundations I’ve tried, and even some high-end. I am so glad I picked them up.

The Ordinary primers

The primers
Having heard so much about their primers I had to pick both of these up too. The  High-Adherence SIlicone primer is described as a blurring surface smoother and primer, whilst the High-spreadability Fluid primer is described as a spreadability-enhancing lightweight surface smoother with high-flexibility silicones.

I have been enjoying both of these primers in conjunction with each other, mainly using the high-adherence silicone primer around my more problem areas such as my nose and chin, and using the high-spreadability fluid primer around the rest of my face, which I find works really well.

The high-adherence silicone primer looks like a lightweight moisturiser as it is white in colour. It sinks in with ease and does seem to fill in any pores. It definitely helps my makeup to adhere, but it can still struggle around my nose, but I’ve been struggling so much with makeup staying on my nose so I didn’t necessarily expect it to not struggle.

The high-spreadbility silicone primer looks kind of like a clear jelly and feels strange initially. It also has a slight chemical smell to it but as soon as the primer has been applied and sinks in this seems to disappear luckily. This was the primer I was most intrigued about as I didn’t really believe the fact that the primer has high spreadability would change anything. However, it really does, I don’t know how to describe it and I think it’s something you have to try for yourself, but it does make foundation spread out so much easier and quickly. I also find this means I use less foundation.

Together I am really impressed with these primers so far, and I have been using them in combination 75% of the time I have worn makeup since purchasing. They do help my makeup stay on longer, and create a lovely smooth base ready for foundation.

The Ordinary skincare

The skincare
There was and still is so many products I want to try from their skincare selection but I decided to stick with two this time round.

The first product I picked up was the Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, described as a hydration-support formula with ultra-pure vegan hyaluronic acid. I have combination skin with dry patches so I like to use a hydrating serum to help my skin soak in all the moisture it possibly can from my moisturiser and provide some added hydration. I have used a few products with hyaluronic acid and have always found they work wonders so I had to pick this one up to give it a try, especially when it only costs £5.90. I haven’t actually used it yet as I am using a serum from Boots, which I mentioned recently in my skincare routine post, but I am very much looking forward to trying it.

The second product I picked up was the Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG, a product designed to be used on the eye contours, and said to reduce appearance of the eye contour pigmentation and of puffiness. I have terrible dark circles and definitely get puffy eyes, especially at the moment with hayfever, so this was a product I couldn’t resist. I have only used it a handful of times so far but I want to start using this everyday within my skincare routine. I haven’t noticed any difference, but I am sure that is likely to come with regular and consistent use. I will keep you updated.

And, that’s the end of my introduction to The Ordinary. I am really glad I picked a few products up, with both of the primers and the coverage being my favourite products so far. The next product I want to pick up is the Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution if I can track it down in stock.

Have you tried The Ordinary yet? If you have, what are your favourite products?