9 ways to save money every day.

ways to save money every day

Little things and small purchases can so, so easily add up and mean you don’t have that money to save at the end of the month that you might want too. I can be great at both saving and spending, but I’m trying to be good and save. There are a few ways I try to save money every day and today I thought I would share these with you.

1) Plan your food shop – This is something me and the other half are trying to do more and more, and it really does save so much money. If you write a food list of the items you need you are likely to go around and just pick up these items, rather than picking up those unnecessary extras. You will be surprised how much those couple of extras soon add up.

2) Grab a coffee when you get to work or make it at home – An obvious one, but a coffee can cost anywhere between £3 to £5 so if you like to do this every day you could easily be spending between £15 to £25. That £15 or £25 could be used for bills or saved towards a saving goal of yours, and if you can’t live without a coffee first thing then why not buy a thermal cup and make your coffee at home before you leave?

3) Make your lunch at home – Similarly to number two, buying your lunch from your local shop at work adds up so, so quickly, even with something like a simple Tesco meal deal. If you plan your food shop you can come up with ideas of what you want to eat for lunch, and have what you need in the house ready to go. I’ve been doing this for about a year, bar the odd lunch, and I find the savings soon add up and that it is much cheaper.

4) Store loyalty cards – I have way too many of these but they save me so much money in the long run, the trick is not to fall for any special loyalty card offers. My most used are my nectar card and Boots card, and by just buying the essentials I often end up with a saving, especially with the nectar card. I mainly use this in Sainsburys and I regularly end up with a voucher at the till, which I can use towards the next shop. It’s awesome.

5) Check for discount codes – I’m a bit petty when purchasing, especially online, and will rarely buy anything unless I have managed to obtain a discount. If you can’t find an offer then if you add the item(s) your after to your basket and make an account, many online shops will send you a discount code when they spot your basket hasn’t been checked out. It’s definitely worth doing as there are so many discounts around these days!

6) Limit yourself for any meals out – Something I am often told is that we (me and the other half) eat out a lot. We have cut this down lately but as we do like our meals out we are as cheap as possible and we will rarely spend over £30 on a meal out in total, and often even less. There are regularly offers at restaurants too which can help with a budget.

7) Sell unwanted clothes/beauty items on eBay – I don’t know about you but I often have a few things I don’t use enough to warrant them sitting in my wardrobe doing nothing, so selling them could make you a bit of money. Yes, not everything will make much, but if you try to think of it as if you weren’t to sell it you wouldn’t make anything, as opposed to something, which adds up. It doesn’t have to be eBay either but this is generally what I personally use to sell things.

8) Set goals – Goals, however small can be a great way to save money. Me and my boyfriend purchased a flat at the end of last year, much quicker than expecting, so as soon as our offer was accepted we sat down and worked out roughly what we would need money wise and other wise, and worked towards that. Similarly, we often do this with holidays. Having something to look forward too or a personal money goal can definitely help.

9) Keep track – This may be annoying but if you have a dedicated place to keep track of everything manually then you have something to look back at, at the end of the month. You will be able to see exactly what your money has gone on, and how much on each area, such as food. This could even help you plan for the next month, as you can see where you may be able to save.

How do you save money every day? Do you save money any of the ways I have mentioned?