LA Girl introduction.

LA Girl review

LA Girl is a budget beauty brand that I haven’t heard much about except for one product, their HD Pro Concealer. This is a product I have wanted to try for a little while so a few months back I ordered this and their Pro BB Cream.

LA Girl BB cream review

LA Girl Pro BB Cream

The LA Girl Pro BB Cream is one I hadn’t heard much about before picking it up, but after reading a review saying it had similarities to the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue I couldn’t resist it. The Bare Minerals Complexion rescue is a product I absolutely love but one I ran out of a while ago. 

The packaging claims the BB cream to be an all-in-one skin beautifier that primes, moisturises and enhances skin. These are all great claims and something that I really liked the sound of.

When I first used the product I immediately noticed that the formula was a little thicker than I was expecting but this isn’t a bad thing. Despite the thickness the BB cream is actually incredibly light on the skin, and you can’t feel it at all. I love this and I also find that the product is very moisturising.

I haven’t used the BB cream as a primer so I can’t comment on that but it does leave a lovely glowing finish on the face, which really enhances the skin. I love the finished look. 

Not only that, but this BB cream also provides a great amount of coverage for a BB cream. It has light to medium coverage, but is very buildable. Additionally, it does not highlight any dry patches.

I don’t think this is as good as the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue but it is a very good attempt. It leaves the skin with the same glowiness and is very moisturising. 

It lasts through my work day, and it is becoming my go to when my skin is drier, or on those no makeup makeup days.

LA Girl pro concealer review

LA Girl HD Pro Concealer

The LA Girl HD Pro Concealer is the one I was the most excited to try as I have heard a lot of positive things about this product. It has a lot of amazing claims too. The concealer is said to even skin tone, blur fine lines, and conceal dark circles. It is also said to be long wearing and crease resistant.  

The first thing you notice is that this concealer has a brush style applicator which helps you apply the product with ease. However, whenever I use mine it seems to squirt the concealer out to the side, I don’t know if mine is a dud but this is very annoying. It does apply and blend in easily once I’ve got over the initial annoying-ness though.

The shade I have is Porcelain, the palest shade in the range. It works perfectly with my skin tone and slightly lightens up the under eye area, but unfortunately I just don’t find it provides much coverage. It seems to even my skin tone but not do a lot else, I definitely don’t find it conceals my dark circles. 

The other problem is I just don’t find this lasts very long at all, even with the use of a primer. After a couple of hours I don’t look like I am even wearing concealer, which if I’m going to be wearing concealer is not what I want. 

This concealer has actually really disappointed me and isn’t for me. If you do want to give it ago though, the shade range is very impressive, with 21 shades available on Beauty Bay.

LA Girl intro

I am glad I picked up a couple of LA Girl products as I have found an amazing BB cream, but I think I would be reluctant to try more from the brand. Have you tried LA Girl before? What were your thoughts?