Colourpop haul round 3.

colourpop haul

If you have been reading my blog over the last 6 months, or following my Instagram, then you might be aware that I’m slightly addicted to Colourpop, I mean completely addicted! Ever since I finally gave in and made my first order back in April I have been so impressed by the brand and all of their products, especially considering the prices. That being said I made another haul, and today I am going to share with you my latest haul.

The first thing I picked up was the Yes, Please! palette, which spends its life going in and out of stock. It contains 12 shades in the pressed powder formula, and it is a palette unlike anything else I own. The shades in the palette from left to right are:

  • Full Zip – a matte warm ivory shade
  • Big Cocktails – a matte cool toned orange shade
  • Champs – a matte warm pale peach shade
  • Bling – a metallic brown rust shade
  • Louie – a metallic duo chrome red rust shade with a gold flip
  • Butter Cake – a metallic pale yellow gold shade
  • Spoiled – a matte brick red shade
  • GNO – a matte burnt orangey brown shade
  • Mischief – a matte warm yellow shade
  • Note to Self – a matte cool toned brown shade
  • Chauffeur – a metallic duo chrome orangey yellow shade with a gold flip
  • French Kiss – a matte cool toned dark burnt red shade

I have once again found all of the shades to work incredibly well, and bar one or two they are all silky smooth to the touch, something I would not expect from a palette which cost $16. The only shade that I find does not perform as well on the lid is the yellow shade, Mischief, but it is definitely workable. I am so, so glad I decided to pick this palette up and I would recommend it to anyone.

colourpop haul

I also picked up a couple more of the Super Shock Shadows, two of the discontinuing ones that were on my wishlist, Jinxie and Porter. Jinxie is a beautiful soft satin yellow gold shade that is just gorgeous. It’s such a unique shade that works well as an inner corner highlight, in the crease alongside brighter shades or even on its own.

Porter is a much deeper shade, a deep purple shade with a few sparkles throughout. As I’ve found with most of the Super Shock Shadows it is incredibly pigmented and lasts so well. It is definitely not your everyday shade but it is great shade that I’m glad I picked up before it was discontinued entirely.

colourpop haul

The next two items I picked up were from one of their newest launches, the crystal collection. I picked up the Rose Quartz Crystal Highlighter, a rose gold liquid highlighter. I would describe it as a sparkling white highlighter with a pink tint to it. This is a completely new formula for Colourpop and one that I am really not sure on unfortunately. When swatched on the hand it is incredibly beautiful, but the few times I have tried it so far I have found that it doesn’t sit great on my skin on top of foundation. I am planning on mixing it in with my foundation and trying it that way instead, so we shall see, I’m really hoping I can make it work.

The other item I went for was a spur of the moment purchase, and was the Crystal Setting Spray in Aquamarine. This was another one I really was not sure on at the start but it is one that I am now completely in love with, and I am finding that I am reaching for it daily. It helps ensures that my makeup lasts all day, and when I say all day I mean literally all day, it is incredible how my makeup still looks exactly as I originally applied it after an entire day. But, if you are thinking of picking this up the spray is absolutely terrible, I really don’t like it. I find the spray mechanism just shoots at your face in a harsh manner, but if you can get over that then it really is another amazing product from Colourpop.

The last few products I picked up had to be more of their lip products as I absolutely love them, but I did try to pick up formulas I haven’t yet tried to give them a go. The first lip product I picked up was the Lippie Stix in the matte x formula in the shade Cami, a gorgeous deep mauve nude shade. It is a slightly darker version of Lumiere and one that I have been loving. I’ve always found the regular Lippie Stix formulas to last well but this one does last even longer. I find that it easily lasts most of my work day, with a small touch up around the middle after lunch. It is very comfortable on the lips too.

Having fallen in love with the Lumiere Lippie Stix I already own, I decided to pick up the matching lip liner. I don’t wear lip liner all the time but where the tip of the lippie stix’s is quite small I thought a lip liner would be a great way to help define the lips more. So far I have to say I am impressed, the pencil applies smoothly and easily, which is what I want from a lip liner. 

The last thing I picked up was one of Colourpop’s Ultra Glossy Lips in the shade Finders Keepers. I don’t wear lip glosses very often as I find the formulas to often be very sticky but having heard Colourpop’s Glossy Lips weren’t like this I wanted to give one a go. Finders Keepers is a mid-tone mauve that is pigmented enough to wear on its own, but it also works well on top of other lipsticks. It definitely isn’t sticky either.

colourpop haul swatches
From L-R; Super Shock Shadow in Jinxie, Super Shock Shadow in Porter, Lippie Stix Matte X in Cami, Lip Liner in Lumiere, and Ultra Glossy Lip in Finders Keepers

Have you picked up anything from Colourpop recently? Is there anything I’ve picked up that you would like to try?