prescription sunglasses review.

prescription sunglasses

You might not already know this but I’m actually ever so slightly blind. I don’t wear glasses 24/7 but they are something I use when I watch TV, go to the cinema or go driving. I am short sighted and I have been wanting a pair of prescription sunglasses for a long time, so when approached me asking if I wanted to try a pair of their eyeglasses or sunglasses for review I decided to go for it.

The first thing I did was head to their website, where they have a large amount of various glasses frames for you to choose from. I opted for the Americus Aviator Tortoise sunglasses*.

This style of frame features a tortoise design with metal detailing across the nose bridge and on the arms. It also has anti allergic titanium rose pads to ensure a secure fit on a range of nose shapes and sizes. 

When they arrived the first thing I noticed was how light they are. This may sound like a daft thing to comment on but most pairs of glasses or sunglasses I have owned have always had quite a bit of weight to them. 

The light feeling is also reflected when I am wearing the glasses themselves, without affecting the quality. They feel well made and like sunglasses that will last well over time.

As to the design of the glasses, this is what drew me to these sunglasses in the first place. They have detailed gold arms leading into plastic tortoise design on the ends. I’m not sure how to describe the design but it is very pretty and it can be seen in the photo above.

These prescription sunglasses are of the aviator style but I would say they are much more rounded, and would suit many face styles. I really liked the design.

prescription sunglasses

Overall I am so excited I got my hands on these and I can’t wait to continue wearing them. I absolutely love the style and that they are so light but feel sturdy. You can find them on for $55.95, and you can get 50% off if you use the coupon code GSHOT50. This is valid on all glasses and sunglasses on their website, except for those in the sale, and if you love the pair I picked up but don’t need glasses, then they are available prescription free too.

What do you think of the sunglasses I picked up, where’s your favourite place to pick up glasses or sunglasses?