How to create the perfect cosy evening in

how create cosy evening in

As much as I am a Summers girl and desperately hoping for more sun, the evenings are starting to get darker and we are getting ever closer to Autumn. On the upside, this means lots of crispy leaves fallen from trees, fresh Autumn air and cosy evenings. That being said, today I thought I would share with you some tips on how to create the prefect cosy evening in.

1) Light a candle – Possibly the most obvious, but it also happens to be my absolute favourite. I absolutely love lighting a candle, I find it really relaxing and just love the smell. Some of my Autumn and Winter favourites are from Yankee Candle, and are Christmas Memories, Fireside Treats and Honey Clementine. I have a few new ones to try this year from DW Home too.

2) Get all the blankets out – When it’s all cold outside getting all the blankets out not only makes everything look cosier, but it just makes you want to snuggle up under the blankets and get cosy. They keep you warm and they definitely make me feel all homey. You could even make a blanket fort.

3) Drink something warm – Drinking something warm will warm you up but it also makes me fully realise it’s colder. I love making a hot chocolate, maybe even with some marshmallows, to warm up after a cold walk home from work. My favourite hot chocolate is simply Cadburys hot chocolate with some milk warmed up in the microwave.

4) Fluffy socks, slippers and pyjamas – As soon as I get home I want to get out of my work clothes, whether that be I change into other clothes or put on my pyjamas I instantly feel more cosy. To get even cosier I love putting on my winter pyjamas with big fluffy socks and slippers. I literally live in my slippers in Autumn and Winter.

5) Netflix – I’m not really a TV watcher but I love getting snuggled up in the evening with a film or TV series to binge watch. Being snuggled under the blankets and pyjamas with something to watch really is the perfect cosy evening. Favourites of mine include Gilmore Girls, Riverdale, Elf and Dirty Dancing.

6) Super soft cushions – This is something I definitely need more of, especially seeing as our sofa really isn’t the most comfortable. Sinking into some super large cushions gets you so comfy and ready for the perfect cosy evening in.

7) Spend time with your loved ones – Whether this is your other half, family or friends, company is the best and instantly makes me feel more cosy. I don’t know about you but I love just chilling with those closest to me, with blankets everywhere, whether we’re busy chatting or just watching a film or tv series, and enjoying spending time with each other.

What are your favourite ways to create the perfect cosy evening in, and what are your favourite candles?