23 ways you know you’re a proper adult

ways you know proper adult

I don’t know about you but I’m 25 so most definitely an adult and still feel like a child at times, but there are certain things that really make me realise I am actually an adult, and feel like it too. So, today I thought I would share with you 23 ways you know you’re a proper adult.

1) Getting up for work in the mornings never gets any easier, I mean now you’re an adult you’ve now got to do a whole 8 and a half hours as opposed to the 6 hours or so you did when you were in school.

2) You have to pay council tax, and my god how much does it cost? You wonder what an earth you’re paying for, especially now they only collect your bins once every two weeks.

3) You left school nearly 10 years ago… even if it feels like yesterday.

4) You actually like going to bed, you need your sleep and you enjoy it.

5) When you set your alarm you will count the amount of hours of sleep you get in the hope that an extra hour will be possible.

6) Mean Girls was released 13 years ago (yes, really), and some people haven’t even heard of it. It’s a totally different lifetime a go.

7) One Tree Hill originally started airing 14 years ago. This used to be my absolute favourite TV series and the fact it was on that long ago and ended 5 years ago just seems insane. 

8) People around you and on Facebook are starting to have families, people you went to school with. Oh, and your broody as anything too.

9) You may own a house or a flat, or just be saving up for one, but this feels like one of the most adult things in the world. You’re not just renting but it’s actually physically yours, legally and everything.

10) You’re never going to like ironing and it’s a chore when you have to actually do it, so you avoid ironing when you can. 

11) You start having your favourite supermarkets for certain things, say, cereal, ham and jam from Sainsburys, vegetables from ASDA, and katsu curry from M&S. 

12) You realise how expensive cheese is, I mean £4 for a large block of cheese, are they serious?

13) You start meal planning much more regularly… every little help.

14) You will constantly receive letters through the posts offering you loans, I mean in the last year I have received at least 4?

15) You prefer going to a quiet bar for a cocktails catch-up or dinner rather than going out-out and getting completely drunk. It’s nice on occasion but actually being able to hear people is much nicer.

16) Friday nights are the absolute best thing in the entire world and always will be.

17) Lush baths are a necessity, having that hour to switch off from the rest of the world is an amazing feeling. 

18) New kitchenware becomes exciting, and yes your cutlery does need to be rose gold, and your plates and bowls to have a pretty design.

19) Being an adult is expensive, something you don’t quite realise until you properly move out. Bills add up way more than you think, as do everyday essentials.

20) Your other half starts stealing your skincare after previously claiming that it wasn’t required. Your favourite L’Oreal face mask, oh yeah, that’s now apparently his too (because it’s amazing).

21) You’re responsible for calling those car insurance and internet companies to try and find the best price, and you still hate it. You also have to call the doctors yourself too.

22) Ikea is the best thing in the entire world, and you can easily spend an entire day in there, accidentally of course…

23) The idea of doing up a house completely to your own taste is dreamy, that brand new kitchen with an island and a jacuzzi in the bathroom…

What things make you realise you’re an actual adult?

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23 ways you know proper adult