A Bath and Body Works haul with myMallBox

Bath and Body Works haul with myMallBox

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Bath and Body Works is a brand that I have wanted to try for so long, but as they don’t ship to the UK I hadn’t had the chance to try them previously. This is where a forwarding company comes in and helps make this possible, myMallBox is the forwarding company I used for today’s haul.

How does it work?
So I had previously heard of forwarding companies prior to this order but I had never had the courage to actually go ahead with making an order using one. When you sign up to myMallBox they provide you with a suite number and a US address, you can then use the address with most American sites to get your items shipped to their warehouse.

I have heard that some companies don’t like the combination of a US address mixed with your UK card so will decline your payment, but if this is an issue myMallBox have a ‘buy for me’ option. It does cost a little more, but if you want the goodies, then I’d say it’s totally worth it, however, this was not an option I needed to use.

When all of your packages have arrived at their warehouse you then have the option to consolidate and re-package your orders to make your shipping cheaper. This is due to reducing the packaging if a company has used a larger box than needed or to combine multiple orders, and this is at no extra cost. I actually also made a smaller Colourpop order, which I’ll be featuring in another post, and my consolidation was done overnight for me. 

Once this has been completed your order is ready to be posted and you can choose your shipping method. I only had one option for delivery but I think this was due to how much my order weighed. My order weighed 6.7lbs and cost about $56 to be shipped by DHL express. I also had custom charges of £26 on top of this, but I was expecting this.

I had heard mixed reviews about myMallBox but I only have positive things to say about them and their service. My order was posted on the Wednesday with expected delivery the following Monday, however, it actually arrived on the Friday, in just two days. This was a very happy surprise. Everything was packaged incredibly well too, I completely forgot to take a photo of all the bubble wrap but there was millions of it, I really couldn’t have asked for better packing.

Bath and Body Works haul

The haul
It was so difficult to choose what to pick up as there are so many things I’ve wanted to pick up for so long. I was tempted to just pick up a million candles, but as you will see, I actually kind of restrained myself.

Having had a look at all the scents and spotting a 3 for 2 offer on body care, the first things I decided to try and pick up were a couple of their shower gels and an ultra shea body cream. In the end I went for a warmer-sounding Autumnal scent, Cashmere Glow, in the shower gel and ultra shea body cream, and then got a much fresher, more awakening scent in the form of a Love & Sunshine shower gel

Having spotted the Halloween packaging I had to pick up the Hey Goul shea butter hand cream too. This has a lovely berry scent to it, which I am completely in love with.

Bath and Body Works haul

The next thing I had to pick up was one of their 3-wick candles and this is probably the item I was the most excited about. Having picked up quite a few Autumnal scented candles from Homesense already I went for a more summery scent, Watermelon Lemonade. This was on an amazing offer which meant the candle actually cost less than half price. The notes of this are watermelon ice, sparkling water, and meyer lemon, and the throw is just incredible. I can definitely see why Bath and Body Works candles are raved about, the hype is definitely worth it. 

I also decided to pick up one of their vent holders for my car in the super cute flowery design, and a couple of scents to go with it. I went for Watermelon Lemonade and Beautiful Day. I can’t wait to give these a go and see how strong they are.

Lastly, I decided to pick up quite a few of their fragrance melts as I figured this would be a great way to try quite a few different scents and they weigh far less than candles. There was an offer going on so I got 5 of them for around $15 if I remember correctly, and then picked up an additional one in the sale.

I went for Vanilla Bean Marshmallow, Autumn, Marshmallow Fireside, Bergamot Waters, Blue Ocean Waves and Stress Relief. I am yet to try these, but I can’t wait to give them all ago. On a cold sniff Marshmallow Fireside is definitely my favourite, it smells like Autumn to me, light, warm marshmallow mixed with burning firewood.

I am so happy with everything I picked up, how quickly it arrived and I can’t wait to try everything. I’m hoping to pick up one of their Christmas candles when they’re released too, maybe on my trip to Iceland as there is a store at the airport.

If you decide you want to try out the service yourself I do have a referral code which provides you with $5 off your first order, and also provides me with $5 off any of my own orders once your package has shipped.

Have you tried a forwarding service or Bath and Body Works before?

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Bath and Body Works haul with myMallBox

This post has been sponsored by myMallBox, but as always all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. All items were purchased by myself, but myMallBox did help with the shipping cost and provided me with $30 shipping credit. Please see my full disclaimer for further information.