How to bake Halloween cupcakes

how to bake Halloween cupcakes
So, another different type of post for me but with Halloween coming up I really wanted to share something a little bit different, a recipe style post. It isn’t the most exciting recipe in the world but they sure tasted amazing, so today’s post is all about how to bake Halloween cupcakes.

How to:
1) Pre-heat the oven to 180°C, and line a 12 hole cake tray with cupcake cases. 
2) Add the butter and sugar to a bowl, and cream/soften together until light and fluffy. I use a wooden spoon to do this.
3) Beat in the eggs, adding a little at a time, before adding the vanilla extract.
4) Fold in the flour.
5) Once everything is mixed together add in the food colouring to add a Halloween feel and stir. I used 1tbsp but if you want the mixture less orange or more orange, feel free to adjust accordingly.
Halloween cupcakes
6) The mixture is now ready to cook, so use a tablespoon to spoon the mixture into your cupcake cases. I tend to do it evenly to start with, and then make a few bigger ones with the remaining mixture.
7) Pop your cakes in the oven for 10-15 minutes, mine took the full 15 minutes, but just remember to dip a knife in to check, and once it comes out clean you’re all set.
8) While your cakes are cooling it’s time to make the icing, now I’m not going to lie mine really didn’t come out quite how I wanted as I couldn’t get the mixture as thick as I needed, but this all depends on how you want your cakes finished look to look like.
9) Beat the butter in a large bowl until soft.
10) Add half of the icing sugar mixture and mix until smooth, then add the remaining icing sugar mixture and continue until creamy and smooth.
11) Add the food colouring mix to add even more of a Halloween-esque feel and mix until the colour is even through.
11) Spoon the mixture into a piping bag, and squeeze the piping bag in a swirling motion to create swirly icing.
How to bake Halloween cupcakes
How to bake Halloween cupcakes
12) Add any decorations to finish off your Halloween cupcakes, before eating and enjoying!
What do you like to bake for Halloween and in general?
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