7 transitional tips to Autumn and Winter when you’re a Summer girl

Transitional lifestyle tips to Autumn and Winter when you're a Summer's girl

Yes, yes, I know so many of us seem to absolutely love Autumn and it is hands down a lot of people’s favourite season, and this may be controversial but it totally is not my favourite season. As the season’s change and the temperature starts to drop, the mornings are darker and the evenings get dark earlier, I struggle. I’m the least morning person in the world and I much, much prefer coming home to daylight where there feels like there is so much more time to do things.

Don’t get me wrong, I love curling up on the sofa, binge-watching TV shows, eating rubbish under the cover, but that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier for some of us sometimes. I’m a Summers girl through and through, so today I thought I would share with you a few transitional tips to Autumn and Winter if you’re a Summer girl like me.

Bring the outdoors in – You may be spending less time outside but having lots of bright flowers around the home can make you instantly feel happier. I find flowers uplifting and really enjoy having them around the house.

Go outside, even if it’s raining – I don’t know about you but I know when it’s rainy and groggy outside I sometimes try and avoid it, even though I know it will do me the world of good. Even if it’s a short walk, that bit of fresh air can make you feel more awake, and inject a little bit of happiness.

Invest in white lights – I haven’t actually done this myself yet but I do know that the standard yellow lights are going on earlier and make everything feel gloomy and not really brighter. When ours eventually stop working I plan on picking up some white lights as I can imagine they make it feel slightly more daylight and brighter.

Enjoy warm and hearty meals – Warm and hearty meals may be heavier but they sure make you feel cosy, and when it’s cold outside there’s nothing more needed than a warm meal to make everything better. Take your time trying different recipes and enjoying the food you’re eating.

Inject bright colours into your home – Whether it’s a few bright pieces of artwork or inspirational quotes, adding a bit of colour makes everything feel less gloomy.

Make plans – This probably applies all year round for me but making plans means you’ve always got something to look forward to. If you’re having a hard week or can’t stop thinking about wishing it was Summer again you can remind yourself of your plans, even if it’s a simple meal or walk in the park.

Take more ‘me’ time – While it’s darker and rainier I’d like to think none of us has an excuse to take more ‘me’ time and make time for self-care. Whether it’s a pampering session, catching up on scrapbooking, spending time on something you enjoy or spending the day reading I find this can instantly cheer me up and forget that it’s Autumn or Winter and much darker outside.

If you’re a Summers girl too what transitional tips do you find help you? And, if you’re an Autumn and Winter lover what’s your favourite thing about this time of year?

7 transitional tips to Autumn and Winter when you're a Summer girl