A gift guide for him

Mens gift guide

So, so far I’ve shared a Cult Beauty and Space NK gift guide, gifts £10 and under, a gift guide for her, but it’s finally time for the gift guide for him. I think men can be one of the hardest people to buy for and in my experience they aren’t always the most helpful when you ask them what they want, or they’ve brought what they want already. But, today I’ve put together a gift guide for him, so here’s hoping you find a gift for the man in your life.

Gift guide for him

1) A gaming console game – Ahh, something so many guys are obsessed with and get addicted too but would probably love to receive. If they haven’t already got it, then I know Assassins Creed is relatively newly released, and I’ve been told Doom is priced around £10 and is a game most guys would love. One’s an action adventure game, while the other is a first-person shooter style game.

2) Poker set – A poker set is quite a unique gift and you can get super professional looking ones for not a lot too from somewhere like MenKind. I also think it’s a gift that is something the man you’re buying for is very unlikely to expect. Even if it’s something that’s only used a handful of times, it looks pretty cool to have on display too.

Gift guide for him

3) Jack Daniels Winter Jack Whiskey – This whiskey tastes amazing and is something that I would actually lovely to receive, but I always kind of think of whiskey as a manly drink, and this is a drink Luke loves too. It tastes like Winter in my eyes and actually weirdly tastes nice mixed with rose, don’t ask how I know that haha.

4) Wallet – I think a wallet makes the perfect thoughtful gift, it’s something every guy needs but may not actually invest in themselves. This particular one has a zip pocket and multiple extra card slots as I knew that was something Luke always wants, but there are so many options, whether it’s something smaller or even something larger.

Gift guide for him

5) 52 reasons why I love you – This is probably the cheesiest and soppiest gift in this gift guide for him, and only suitable if the man you’re buying for is your other half but I had to include it. I’m a very soppy person anyway but I think this is a lovely gesture that other halves would love to receive as it’s so personal and just that little bit different too.

6) Skin care products – Something that men need but are often far too lazy to actually buy themselves is skincare, so I think Christmas is a great time to sneakily add this into their presents. It’s also a great way to say stop using my products (lol).

7) Socks – Who doesn’t need socks? So random, but Luke and I have this weird thing where I buy him socks like every year, but I think they make a great little extra, perhaps a stocking filler. Last year I went for Simpsons ones, but there are always so many choices, whether it’s a Christmas pair or a funny set, you’re bound to find some socks that he will love.

What are your favourite gifts from my selection for him? Have you taken any inspiration from my gift guide?

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