Happy things this year part 2

Following on from yesterday’s post, today I’m back with the second part of 2017’s happy things this year. It is another pretty long post so it may be worth making a cuppa, and I better get on with it.


In July Luke and I went on holiday to a place I’ve always dreamed of going, Thailand, but not only that probably one of the biggest moments of my entire life happened. If you’ve read my blog for a while or follow me on social media then you will probably already know, but Luke proposed to me and made me the happiest girl on earth. I cannot wait to marry the love of my life and spend the rest of our lives together.

Seeing elephants in Thailand
I also have an obsession with elephants so one of the excursions we made sure to do was to visit an elephant sanctuary, one which looks after the elephants properly and also rescues them. It’s hard to describe how incredible this was but if you know how obsessed I am with elephants then you might have an idea as to what this meant to me. Thailand was literally a dream holiday.

Pride and Brighton
Luke and I had been meaning to go to Brighton forever but simply had not got round to it so we headed down with friends for the Pride parade and then headed off on our own to do some shopping before celebrating our engagement in the UK with a meal and wine out. It was such an amazing day, I had so much fun and loved creating a bright eye makeup look using the Urban Decay Electric palette too. It was so lovely go for a meal out too as we usually do this weekly but after a year of holidays we have cut this down so much this year.

More sun at Mottisfont
I told you I’m a lover of the sun… in August I caught up with one of my best friends from school and had a lovely day catching up with her and her little one, Eva. Eva was only just one and had just started walking so it was so amazing to see her walking around, and crazy too.

Fake grass
Probably one of the most random things in this post, but when we purchased our flat last year one of the biggest things was that we finally have our own outside space. In August we brought some fake grass for the terrace which looks so much better than I was expecting, and just makes it more garden-y if that makes any sense.

Bank holiday in Devon
As Luke comes from Devon we usually go down for a few days once a year to see his gran and family, and I had the most amazing time. We lucked out with the weather and had a lovely weekend of visiting the beach, meeting his brothers baby and going for afternoon tea. I absolutely love our trips to Devon.

Engagement photoshoot
Having an engagement photoshoot was a completely random thing Luke and I decided to do, but it was so much fun. We went to a place in Bournemouth called Worth Matravers which was a breath-taking location with amazing views. It was so much fun to have a little explore and have a few professional photos taken of us too.

Bloggers Blog Awards event
Ah the Bloggers Blog Awards, I went to Leeds and back all in one day and had a brilliant time. It may have been a super long day but I met so many amazing people whose blogs and Instagrams I follow every day. It was great to meet them in person, and meet so many others too. I’m so glad I decided to go.

Pumpkin picking
Pumpkin picking is something that I have always wanted to do but this was the first year we actually got round to it, and had time when we were both off work to do it. A definite bloggers thing to do, but it was great fun and it meant I could choose a big and baby pumpkin. I also picked some of my own strawberries.

I hit 1000 followers on Instagram
This is something that I literally thought would never happen, so the moment I saw this happen I was pretty much literally jumping with excitement. It means so much to me that people actually want to follow me, and this felt like such a big milestone that I am super proud of. Instagram is probably my favourite social media platform as I absolutely adore photos, if only people could stop the following and unfollowing game.

First sponsored post
Not only did I hit 1000 followers on Instagram in October, I also completed my first sponsored post, a massive achievement for me. I had been offered others previously but felt the price wasn’t right or it just wasn’t relevant to my blog, so this was the first one I had accepted and I absolutely loved doing it and writing the post.

1 year anniversary of being homeowners
I can’t actually believe that it has been over an entire year now since we completed, but it has been! Now we’ve been here a year, have redecorated our flat, and have photos everywhere it really feels like the most perfect first home.

Luke’s birthday in Iceland
Iceland was the final holiday of the year and another place that I have literally wanted to go to for years, a bucket list location. We went for Luke’s birthday and had the most incredible time exploring and taking in all that Iceland has to offer. The Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon is a breathtaking view that I can’t see myself getting over anytime soon either.

Fireworks & Bonfire in Winchester
The last couple of years we have watched the fireworks at Mayflower Park in Southampton from outside as we have never thought much of them, but this year we decided to do something a bit different and venture elsewhere. We went to Winchester and had a fantastic evening watching the fireworks, the bonfire be lit and even took part in the fire procession.

Catch ups with the girls (and other halves)
As we’ve got older me and my best friends from school all seem to have moved all over the country, but they are still the girls I call my best friends and the ones that when you do catch up with it’s as if it yesterday was the last time you saw them. This makes it all the more special when we do see each other, and in November a couple of us went down to Bristol to catch up. We spent the evening and following day simply chatting and going out for dinner and drinks. It was so, so good to see them again.

Putting the tree up
Putting the tree up is always one of my favourite things to do so I of course loved doing this. I’m the biggest Christmas fan ever too so as soon as the Christmas tree goes up, Christmas has started as far as I’m concerned.

MeMeMe cosmetics event
I went to a MeMeMe Cosmetics event towards the beginning of the month and had the most fabulous evening in Bournemouth. We were treated to prosecco, makeovers and makeup products to create an entire face look. A post on this will be up shortly so I won’t say too much now.

Salisbury Christmas markets
I absolutely love going to the Christmas markets, and visiting Salisbury market is something me and the girls have attempted and failed to do three years in a row now… don’t ask, but this time we finally got the dates right and had a lovely day wandering around Salisbury and visiting the Christmas market.

Still to go
Well as it’s still December which is part of 2017 I had to include a few more things that I’m looking forward to too. I’m going to the Blogosphere Christmas Festival on Saturday which I’m super excited for. I’ve always wanted to attend the Blogosphere events but this is the first one I’ve been able to make so I honestly can’t wait.

For the first time since Luke and I have been together we’ve actually got 10 days off over the Christmas and New Year period, 10 days that I’m super, super excited for. I can’t wait to enjoy Christmas together and spend some time together. And to end the year we have some plans to go to a pub lock-in to bring in the New Year with some friends, which should be great fun.

I think this might be the same question I asked in part one, but what happy things have happened in your life this year?